Sometimes you just want to drown in an ocean of dread and drag the world with you. Sometimes you want to watch the world burn, be engulfed in the flames of doom as all hell breaks lose converging upon mankind and making a feast of all human flesh. That is what Abaton's ultra-heavy and slime-ridden music sounds like. Hailing from Forli' in central Italy, Abaton are one of heaviest bands coming out of The Boot these days. Their stark and bleak wall of sound brings to mind bands like Year of No Light, Amenra, Corrupted, Thou and Graves At Sea, but there is no fucking way in the world to pigeonhole this quartet's own brand of pulverizing and massive hardcore-infested blackened sludge. The band has released two full-lengths to date - the gruesome and hallucinating Hecate, released in 2011, and the skull-crushing We Are Certainly Not Made of Flesh in 2015 - and has toured all over Italy and most of continental Europe, leaving the venues they pillaged lying in complete ruin at their every stop. Abaton has shared the stage with bands like Samothrace, Forgotten Tomb, Cult of Luna, Amenra and many others.

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