Altarage are a shadow-born and mysterious death metal band hailing from Bilbao, Spain. Presumably formed by a number of members coming from other established european metal bands, essentially nothing is really known about this band. The identity of the members involved is concealed behind an impenetrable aura of seclusion and darkness. All that exists as manifestation of the band’s existence is their wretched and torturous craft. Colossal, barbaric, abyssal and blood-freezing death metal that disintegrates the soul and makes flesh lay in complete waste. This is death metal that tortures the senses, sodomizes the flesh, and batters the mind. Death metal driven by incredible violence, visionary songwriting, and absolutely merciless execution, that is capable opening portals to other dimensions, revealing a world of demonic and completely hallucinated sonic dismemberment. Fans of bands like Teitanblood, Ævangelist, Portal, Abyssal and Mitochondrion have just found their new (anti)heroes.

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