Augurs are unfuckwithable. Stand in their path, get caught in their wake, and you will be disintegrated. Fuck with them, and you will be FUCKED WITH. There are no other ways to describe the sheer force, and brute belligerence of this band. Coming from the blood moats of Oakland's punk underground, the band has slowly but unstoppably crawled to the forefront of the San Francisco Bay Area's music underground, and have now consolidated a position of absolute dominance in the local punk and metal scene. Augurs have played dozens of shows in their short two-year existence, laying local venues to waste and wrecking complete havoc all over the West Coast with their pillaging and insanely brutal live sets. In just two years the band has gone from small house shows to sharing the stage with big names in the genre like Eyehategod, Noothgrush, Yob and Dropdead. The secret in Augur's inhuman power lies in their scary musical style, an extremely hostile, scummy, lurid and mauling blend of d-beat crust, grindcore and blackened sludge, something so vile, heavy and crushing that their songs are capable of reducing even the toughest ear drums to a pile of smoldering shit.

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