In March 2015 Cruz's demo silently dropped in the murkiest depths of the European extreme metal underground, and although the bang was small at the time of release and the recording went mostly unnoticed, the shockwaves that it generated thereafter in the following months that ensued were of colossal proportions. It was in fact immediately obvious that a BEAST had been spawned and that it was now lawlessly ravaging the underground to reclaim its place among the kingpins and rulers of European Death Metal's most savage and prominent elite. Cruz have since ascended to leaders of a pack that currently finds no rivals. Their bestial and barbaric old school death metal attack is so unique and foreboding that literally nothing can compare to it, nor even remotely hope or attempt in any way to slow it down. What makes this band unique and unstoppable is their unshackled and lawless approach to old school death metal and the way they use (crust) punk as a secret weapon to sharpen their most threatening edges - an aesthetic that knows no peace and which obeys to nothing and nobody. Punk and metal live in this band's war-torn soul in seamless harmony, fueling each other's flames in an escalating and unstoppable firestorm of chaos ad destruction that knows no boundaries. With the entirety of 2015 focused solely on birthing a followup and true heir to their insanely punishing demo, Cruz have now cleared the ground for their first real full-scaled declaration of war to the world, that shall take the form of "Culto Abismal", the band's debut full-length album that shall stand as undisputed statement of this band's newborn despondent and unchallenged legacy in european Death Metal.

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