Deathgrave came together as the desire of four friends wanting to play bleeding, belligerent and pissed off grindcore/powerviolence in the vein of Iron Lung, Insect Warfare, Nasum, Siege and Capitalist Causalities, but molding the band in a way that would both fuck with the listener with surreal vocal commentary and deranged compositions, and stab them in the back with a vile and butchering onslaught of traumatic grindcore aggression. The band is formed by no newcomers in the Bay Area extreme scene, being comprised of drummer Matt along with Fern on bass (also of Amber Asylum, ex-Bird, and ex-Ringwurm), Andre on vocals (also of San Jose death metal bruisers Cyanic, ex-member of Bird, and ex-member of Casket Blaster) and Greg Wilkinson on guitar (Brainoil, ex-Laudanum, ex-Graves At Sea, ex-I will Kill You Fucker, and super-renowned all-things-heavy sound engineer and too many other bands to mention). Having obliterated venues all around the Bay Area, and pillaged the entire West Coast with their pulverizing live sets, Deathgrave have shared the stage with a shitload of amazing bands, ranging from Noothgrush, to Dispirit, to Yob and Eyehategod just to name a few. Deathgrave fucking hate you, and you should be aware of that.