Chaos incarnated. The embodiment of complete annihilation on massive scale. Chiba's elusive and mysterious audio terrorists Friendship (also known as the Friendship Collective) are one of the most vile, antagonist, and visionary grind/powerviolence acts to have ever emerged from Japan. Their absurdly devastating music comes together as a collapsing black hole that devours everything with surgical precision, sparing nothing from the plain of existence. In perfect adherence to the tradition of Japanese extreme music where everything is always taken to ridiculous and mindless extremes, Friendship's music is like a chain reaction that can not be stopped - the devastating consequence of an uncontrolled nuclear fission of Japan's most praised and iconic musical extremities: the mindless chaos of bands like Endon and Zeni Geva, the pulverizing blunt force trauma of bands like Unholy Grave and Death Side, and the cataclysmic sludge-doom aberrance of bands like Corrupted and Congenital Hell. While their infamously savage  live sets are frequent and somewhat celebrated events in their native country, Friendship has emerged from Japan’s extreme underground like an enigma of sorts, eluding press and hype, diverting attention from them selves as people, and sticking instead to a hermetic and self-deprecating approach to their craft, which has yielded extremely overlooked but devastating recordings shrouded in mystery and characterized by bizarre artwork, cryptic song titles, and a uniformly antagonist aesthetic that makes them appear anti-human in everything.

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