Robin van Oyen is a freak like no other. This reclusive and mysterious death dealer from Belgium is the sole entity responsible for the sepulchral, morbid, and tormented wall of monolithic sonic slime that lives  behind the Gateway moniker. Over the course of a handful of 100% self-produced DIY recordings Robin has established Gateway as a true passage to the underworld, just as the project's name intelligently suggests. Every recording assembled by this visionary rot-monger has been a sonic key to unlock a new door into the kingdom of the dead. Constructed upon colossal and skull-crushing progressions of ancient and mummified death metal, Gateway's music then takes shape through a harrowing time-warp of completely doomed sonic rot. Tempos collapse to an agonizing slither, rhythms seem to stretch ad infinitum transfiguring into a lucid coma, all while the sheer tonnage of every riff is fully revealed through this slow motion decay in all its putrid glory, revealing a beast whose mass and ugliness is of unparalleled magnificence. Masterfully re-evoking the completely doomed and rotting atmospheres of legendary death-doom masters like Disembowelment, Undergang, Coffins, Winter and Thorr's Hammer, Gateway have created an authentic omnipotent sonic underworld in which death rules everything, endlessly reaching beyond the unknown like a massive and rotting black hole, and dragging every living thing to its inevitable and tormented conclusion.

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