Leucrota are the sound of teeth grinding, bones rattling and skin rippling in fear. They are the sound of hunger, starvation, emaciation, self-mutilation, loss and of one's endless slipping into an abyss of despair. Their abrasive, death-ridden, vile and suffocating hardcore punk is the shit of nightmares. Black Flag run through the most frightening dungeons of the most horrifying mental hospital. Born Against plunged into an abyss of self-feeding madness. Crucifix run through a meat grinder. Void dismembered and disfigured from within with a vile selfcombustion of grimness and bitterness that has completely spun out of control. Hardcore punk, crust, d-beat, noise rock and black metal colliding and disintegrating in an excruciating implosion of despair. Leucrota hail from sunny Santa Cruz, CA, but there is no light in this band's caustic and plague-ridden music. Everything in this band's music is a chocking and a beating, constant, uninterrupted humiliation and sadism.

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