Macerie are the sound of total collapse and of uncontrollable despair. Hailing from Florence, Italy, and formed by veterans of the local florentine punk and metal scene, Macerie has nevertheless appeared straight out of nowhere, and from complete obscurity has detonated upon the Italian extreme underground with the force and belligerence of a plague-wielding cataclysm. Blending crust, sludge, black metal, doom and hints of icy death metal, this band is a conduit for music that is so embittered and bloated with filth and despair that while you sit down to listen to their corrosive craft you can literally feel them suck the light away from your surroundings and turn your world into a grim, threatening, and shadowy twilight. Drawing influence from bands like Amebix, Burzum, Eyehategod, and early Neurosis, Macerie craft songs that bring to mind modern and forward thinking darknened bands like Altar of Plagues, Planks, Tombs, and Wolves in the Throne Room.

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