Palace of Worms is the brainchild of sole mastermind Balan, a staple fixture in the Bay Area’s extreme metal underground since at least the last decade. Throughout the years Balan has also militated in notable Bay Area heathens as Larvae, Ordo Obsidium, Botanist and more, and has shaped Palace of Worms to become one of the most raw, unforgiving, visionary and genre-bending black metal acts of the West Coast. Constantly yielding a prolific and steady flow of splits and records released for the most part by San Francisco-based genre-defying label Flenser Records, Palace of Worms has always showcased a noticeably curved stylistic trajectory, that far from following black metal in a straight line and by the book has instead always escorted the listener into unusual, strange, surreal and bizarre realms of the craft, as seen for example in other similarly surrealism-driven black metal bands such as Peste Noire, L'Acephale, Yellow Eyes, and Leather Chalice. Listening to Palace of Worms’ music means taking a deep dive into Balan’s mind. A place of wretched visions and collapsing emotions. A place were emptiness devours everything and where the notions of loss and hopelessness are taken to a totally new level of aural atrocity.

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