Active since at least 2007, and always existed withering within a shadowtorn twilight of near non-existence, Rotting Sky is one of the most enigmatic and ungraspabale extreme/experimental metal mysteries to have ever materialized on American soil. Sole Rotting Sky mastermind Timm Messing is known as the guitarist of legendary epic crust punk/metal powerhouse Nux Vomica, but it's within this solo ambient industrial black metal endeavor of his that one can truly grasp the full extent of his visionary and transcendental creative reach. Erected upon a monumental maze of pedal abuse and layers upon layers of wretched static, Messing's blackened drone comes to life as a levitating and howling chasm of total sonic disintegration, in which the plane of existence is literally disemboweled with a hideous swarm of decaying sound to reveal the immateriality, nothingness, and emptiness that lies within all and everything. Rotting Sky is a place where nightmares take shape and hope is devoured. A place where sanity is a desire and suffering a fact, where pain is boundless, and the reality of flesh becomes nothing but a disintegrating and evaporating specter, dismembered across the cosmos, and lost across vast distances in a fathomless, sorrowful and vacuous void devoid of all hope.