Named after the infamous St. Mary of Bethlehem insane asylum in London, and Hailing from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Show of Bedlam are one of those bands that become instantly recognizable upon first listen, and which are an auditive experience that even the most distracted or demanding listeners will not be able to overlook and will deem simply unforgettable. Like your worst nightmares and the scathing visions of insanity they try to evoke with their music, this band's songs nest inside your head like an unhinged fear or a repellant constant phobia, never to leave ever again. Show of Bedlam craft songs that dig and ravage deep within your subconscious, unearthing your most deviated and repressed emotions, crushing you under the weight of an inhuman barrage of angular and discordant riffs, and causing a massive sensorial surge within the deepest crevices of your soul that will make you rattle in fear and shake you to the core. Creating an ominous, psychotic, and crazed blend of doom metal, sludge, noise rock, post-punk, no-wave, goth, and industrial, Show of Bedlam have stitched together a sonic palette of unbelievable evocative force and of sublime destructive prowess. With an insane and sprawling plethora of musical influences ranging from Swans, Godflesh, Sonic Youth, Babes in Toyland, Lydia Lunch, Melvins, and Burning Witch, to Butthole Surfers, Christian Death, The Cure, Bauhaus, Neurosis and beyond, and with cryptic and harrowing  lyrics dealing with subject matter related to mental illness, hospitals, shame, alienation, and mankind’s fate, Show of Bedlam have birthed something monstrous and unforgiving that is at times beautiful, at times hideously ugly, delicate, intimate and terribly wretched at the same time.

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