Life-shattering black/death/noise sonic disembodiment envisioned by UK-based recluse experimentalist/sound terrorist A. White. Within the fifteen minutes of Vessel of Iniquity's debut mini album one will find unfathomable audial terror designed to disintegrate existence directly from within. Fifteen minutes of inconceivable sonic trauma administered through the unholy abuse of the most blighted blackened death metal and of the most anti-human and liminal strains of noise, drone and power electronics. A sensorially annihilating and humiliating sonic holocaust that has brought together the diverse but equally decimating aesthetics of extreme acts like Gnaw Their Tongues, Impetuous Ritual, and Teitanblood to conceive the most absurd and completely unthinkable realms of musical devastation. Though vastly unknown, A. White has been a defining point in UK-undergorund extreme/experimental for nearly two decades, who has amassed countless releases and projects to this day, all under various pseudonyms and monikers. Vessel of Iniquity is his most gruesomely accomplished project to date.