Hailing from Cremona in northern Italy, having released albums on such labels as Consoling Sounds and Soulflesh Collector, and having toured all over Europe, Viscera/// have been the subject of an incredible sonic journey. The band's humble beginnings can be traced back to the early 2000's when the band was a filthy gore-grind trio influenced by bands like early Carcass and Napalm Death, Repulsion and Cannibal Corpse. Then something happened, and as the band kept playing and releasing music it was apparent that Viscera/// had undergone a frightening mutation and turned into something completely different and set on a track of daunting sonic metamorphosis, total psychedelic downfall and complete philosophical implosion. With their songs getting longer, more ethereal, and more layered and structured, influences ranging from  Godflesh to Subarachnoid Space started to slither in and out of their sound, colliding with their early death-grind influences and creating something entirely new and unheard of, something suffocating and crude, but also austere, magnificent, and dominated by a deep philosophical profoundness. To this day, Viscera/// remain completely unclassifiable, and while their sound, forged by striations of death metal, sludge, prog and psychedelia keeps evolving and morphing, the band remains one of the most compelling enigmas in Italy's extreme underground.

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