Influenced by visionary and iconically heavy bands like Amebix, Godflesh, Corrupted, and Disembowelment, Oakland’s dark doom destroyers Abstracter were formed in Oakland CA in 2010 setting out to create dark, bleak, and suffocating music as a vessel to channel their obsession with the apocalypse and other nihilistic end-time visions: the world's unravelling, ruin, darkness, annihilation, nuclear devastation, war, plague, and mankind's fundamental existence as a plague and as a deeply flawed species being the unifying threads of their hallucinatory and hopeless music. Throughout three over all releases in eight years shaped by an ever changing cesspool of influences, Abstracter have gradually steered their music toward total darkness and negativity, harnessing in the end all five supreme elements of the extreme sonic spectrum (black, doom, death metal, crust and droney/noisy atmospheric negativity) to ultimately wield a dark and bludgeoning weapon of total annihilation that would reveal itself to be both lethal and deeply moving at the same time. Their journey began in 2012 with the release of debut album Tomb of Feathers, an eerie and melancholic heavy crust/sludge-doom full length-album which gained praise from publications like MetalHammer and Exclaim for its apocalyptic atmospheres, long and often complex compositions, and epic buildups. 2015 saw the band simultaneously shift and vastly darken their sound as they fully embraced their black metal influences and initial noise experimentations by releasing the blackened sludge behemoth Wound Empire through praised german label Vendetta Records, an album which gained the band even more praise and which was lauded by outlets like Decibel Magazine and CVLT Nation for being one of the darkest and most atmospherically imposing sludge/doom albums of the year. Further lineup changes and the band’s chronic and tireless quest for change and renovation birthed something terrifying and truly grotesque in 2016 as the band released two massive new songs with canadian dark crust miscreants Dark Circles as the B side of a 12” split which made head turns with its crushing hostility and seething negativity - their apocalyptic, end-time hallucinations reaching a ghastly and harrowing new sonic extreme. This release was their most marked turning point and revealed it self to become their most accomplished release as they morphed into something even darker and more hostile than ever before, wielding elements of drone, noise, and of punishing black metal with more intensity than ever before, and creating ghastly atmospheric constructs of unseen negativity. A European tour followed culminating with their presence at Vendetta Fest in Berlin, and at the Doom Over Leipzig festival in Germany in front of six hundred people alongside bands like Hell, Buried At Sea, and Cult of Luna, as well as more shows throughout the year with the likes of Doom, Primitive Man, Acephalix, Hell, Revenge, and more. 2017 Saw the band lay mostly dormant with live activity as they secluded themselves to hammer away at their third full-length album, the monstrously crushing Cinereous Incarnate LP which will be released in 2018 by Sentient Ruin, Vendetta, Daymare Recordings, Tartarus Records, and I Voidhanger Records, and which represents yet another leap for Abstracter into a new realm of complete sonic annihilation and of unthinkable apocalyptic black/death/doom destruction.

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