NIGHTFUCKER: Canadian Sludge-Doom Terrorists Featuring Members of MOSS Prepare Debut Album Release - Tracks Premiered at The Sludgelord and Metal Injection.


We’re honored and excited to partake in the real and highly anticipated birth of Canadian sludge-doom terrorists Nightfucker, with their long awaited debut self-titled LP finally arriving on LP and cassette formats on July 12 2019.

Perhaps few people were aware that Dominic Finbow, the legendary guitarist behind the gargantuan riffs and slime-ridden feedback of the UK's malefic doom icons MOSS, had relocated to Vancouver BC in recent years. Upon relocating to Canada and laying Moss to rest for good, Finbow set out to assemble a new circle of sociopaths in his new home with which to start over and bring new life into his hideous design of stomach-churning doom.

The design was completed in the drenched months of 2008, when Nightfucker coagulated in the fetid, stagnant gutters above Vancouver’s filth-clotted stormdrains, as a reflection in primitive sludge/doom and as an exercise in the aural evisceration of the most unnameable inhumanity. The shadow was cast in the wake of the tormented legacies of forebearers Grief, Noothgrush, Eyehategod, Burning Witch, Corrupted, Goatsblood, Winter, Melvins, Leechmilk, etc., with Nick and Adam (of Vancouver’s scum cult Radioactive Vomit, Goatsblood, Deathwinds, and Ceremonial Bloodbath) rounding out the brand new power trio lineup to accomplish the wretched design. Nightfucker then etched a rotten demo titled Foul Omens onto a self-released cassette in 2010.

To follow were many years of bitterness, disconnection, dissolution, malice, injury and self-abuse. In the bleak gleam of 2016 Nightfucker entered an alcoholic fog to expunge their final demons and ended up recording several more hymns of helpless aural atavism and utmost misanthropy that would end up being recorded with Braden DeCorby in the literal black confines of their seldom-used rehearsal dungeon. The atrocities birthed in the session closed a cycle of utmost dread and self-loathing which stood as the final tracklist of their debut self titled full-length LP, set to be released July 12 2019 by Sentient Ruin on LP/CS in the US and by Rope Or Guillotine on LP only in Europe.

The Sludgelord and Metal Injection have set the expectations for the release, exclaiming that Nightfucker “have meticulously explored the deepest and most atrocious sewers of humanity”, and that on their debut LP “their bitter, reverb-drenched doom is torturous and unrelenting” respectively. You can ready the full features and hear the tracks HERE and HERE


  1. Temptation’s Curse

  2. Worthless Spirtit

  3. Addiction Sentence

  4. Death Beset

On their self-titled full-length album Nightfucker spew forth a churning miasma of slow moving and gut-wrenching terror conceived with the sole goal of representing in the most repulsive way possible the most degraded forms of human life, and explore themes addiction, abuse, suicide, hallucinations, delusions, mental illness, self-harm, and complete human collapse with revolting lucidity. The horrifying album is rounded out by incredible cover art painted for the band by oil painting luminary Matt Sidney (Triumvr Foul).

GOLGOTHAN REMAINS: Australian Death Metal Harbingers Release Their Monstrous 2018 Debut Album "Perverse Offerings to the Void" for First Ever on Vinyl in North America.


Spewn from a place of utter chaos and lightnesses, on their inaugural 2018 full-length offering Perverse Offerings to Void Sydney-based Australian death metal harbingers Golgothan Remains impose a previously unseen new strain of dark death metal annihilation entirely their own, stitching together the timeless brutality of bands like Incantation, Immolation, Necrovore, and Morbid Angel on one side, and the transformative sonic bedlam of visionary bands like Ulcerate, Dead Congregation, and Adversarial on the other, to create a majestic extreme metal behemoth of unseen magnitude, completely unrestrained in its famished quest for complete ruin, and magnificent in its imposing display of pure darkness.

Today, Sentient Ruin in North America, and Nuclear Winter Records in Europe are proud to bring the final and ultimate version of this immense death metal album outside of Australian confines through an exhaustive vinyl repress of 500 copies complete with a brand new layout, colored vinyl options, and finally, an accessible distribution for both the North American and European markets. The god-like and godless vinyl is now obtainable from Sentient Ruin through our Bandcamp and website and shipping everywhere immediately.

Golgothan Remains have been darkening the world with their own strain of shadow-fueled aural mayhem since at least 2016, when their self-tiled debut demo appeared in the Australian underground establishing them as masterminds of a previously unseen new lineage of dark death metal annihilation entirely their own. On their inaugural offering Golgothan Remains' wretched craft instantly revealed itself in all its apocalyptic enormity, shrouded in a monstrous aura, and unfolding massive black wings like a beast spawned from another dimension.

Upon unleashing the obliterating demo the band spent the next year crafting what would become their debut LP - Perverse Offerings to the Void, recorded at Adversary Studios in Sydney in early 2017 and mastered in 2018 at Audiosiege by Brad Boatright (Altarage, Vastum). Perverse Offerings to the Void was self-released in Australia on CD and tape by the band before being picked up for a local vinyl release by Australian label Impure Sounds (on 100 units only becoming and instant collector's item) and eventually ending up being hailed as one of 2018’s best Australian metal albums and one of the crowning achievements in death metal over all for that year worldwide.

NEGATIVA: Spanish Raw/Depressive Black Metal Wraiths Release "03" On Vinyl

We’re proud to release 03 - the third album from Spanish depressive black metal wraiths Negativa (now featuring H.V. of Wormlust/Mystískaos fame on vocals) - for the first time ever on vinyl. This new album sees the band’s signature sound perfectly preserved as they tread their staple terrain with new found grimness: total dehumanization, and disintegration of the I, through the unquenchable adoration of the void.

Tracks from the album have been premiered in the last month by No Clean Singing, Toilet ov Hell, and Indy Metal Vault, while the full album was premiered by CVLT Nation - with all outlets lauding and applauding the bands stripped down but dense and enveloping approach to raw and miserable black metal. As a result of the staggering quality of the music, the limited cassette tape released by Sentient Ruin on October 19 2018 was sold out in a mere three weeks.

Now 03 has finally seen the light on wax as 100 limited white vinyl LPs and 350 units on black vinyl from Sentient Ruin in North America and from Dead Seed Productions in the EU, both of which are now fully available in our stores and shipping everywhere.

Spanish Depressive black metal wraiths Negativa started at the end of 2011 as a solo act of DB. The idea behind the project was that of remaining coherent to the dogmas of the most hermetic and anticosmic black metal - depersonalization, dehumanization, total loss of self - while also transfiguring inner thoughts and feelings of dismal negativity, dread and insurmountable misery into some kind of outer and manifest personal nightmare which would serve as a vehicle or conduit for catharsis and purification of its creator's wretched inner torments.

As such the name Negativa was chosen, and work commenced on a black metal project which would live and exist under the iron fist of misery and dread. DR soon joined as the vocalist and the first split release with fellow Spanish depressive black metal specters Atrabilis came out in 2012. Negativa then worked on a few more splits with Atrabils and on their own proper debut EP 01, until the first Negativa full-length album titled simply 02 saw the light in early 2017. Icelandic musician HV (of Wormlust/Mystískaos fame) then joined on vocals for the second full length album titled 03, recorded in 2018 and released as a limited cassette though Sentient Ruin. A CD version was released in the USA through Nebular Carcoma Records.

As is tradition with orthodox depressive black metal, the project is completely dehumanized and depersonalized, hinting at fewest human sphere elements as possible and deliberately ignoring the personal elements of the project like band members, lyrics, etc. Thus, no other information exists about Negativa aside from what is reported herein. However, the music is highly expressive and evocative, meant to be the only voice and "carnal" manifestation of the entity which has declared its existence, and only manifestation of its wretched existence and of its undying adoration for the void.

DEPRESSOR: San Francisco Crust Punk/Death Metal Cult Issues Glorious 12" Vinyl Retrospective Comp.


Sentient Ruin is honored to release Hell Storms Over Earth, the brand new ultimate and final compendium of long lost and unreleased songs from San Francisco's legendary industrial/death metal/crust cult Depressor, remastered, re-packaged and elevated to the status of audio/visual shrine in honor of one of the heaviest and most elusive and visionary underground American punk/metal bands of our times.

Hell Storms Over Earth is the final statement in what was Depressor's glorious late 90's/early 00's "crust era", when the band abandoned the polished and well-produced Godflesh-worshiping drum machine-based industrial metal sound of its early and mid 90's beginnings (as seen in the iconic "Filth" and "Grace" demo releases) and opted to home-record everything thereafter on a four track recorder and steer their sound toward a more death metal/crust hybridized sound influenced by bands like Amebix, Celtic Frost, GISM, Voivod, Discharge and Napalm Death. This move pushed the band's sound over the edge into a void of despair and yielded a blown out low end dirty sound of utmost rawness and hatred. These are not only long lost or downright never before heard tracks from a legendary Bay Area cult band then at the forefront of change and renovation, but a priceless document of their times, a snapshot of an era long gone and forgotten, and a window opened into a time of turmoil and struggle which yielded some of the most dark, visionary and thought-provoking punk/metal hybridizations of our times.

Tracks 1-3 previously unreleased, from planned and then cancelled split 7" with Disclose (RIP Kawakami)
Tracks 4-6 from 2000 split 7" with Agathocles
Tracks 7-12 from 1998 debut Depressor 7" "打倒一切权威主义" ("Down With All Authoritarianism")
Tracks 13-15 from 2003 split 7" with Unholy Grave
Tracks 16-18 from 1999 Depressor demo tape

Hell Storms Over Earth releases officially on June 7 2019 as a limited edition 12” LP in 300 units, 200 on black classic vinyl and 100 on oxblood red vinyl, and can now be streamed in full and ordered on our Bandcamp and store.

Read the full story of Depressor here.