夢遊病者: Psychedelic Black Metal Alchemists Issue Brand New 12" EP - Track Unveiled at Invisible Oranges


Sentient Ruin is honored to renew our alliance with multinational experimental black metal alchemists 夢遊病者 (Sleepwalker). Now a world-renowned phenomenon in the extreme/experimental underground, 夢遊病者 return with another catastrophic mindfuck of shapeshifting and disorienting psychedelic black metal mastery that will shatter your synapses. 

Ѫ ("Yus") represents a crossing of worlds between the old and the new, the passing of power and skill from ancestor to youth and their successes and failures, the portal between distinct cultures, the obsolete alphabets and their new acquired meanings and the evolution of language and it’s proxy disciplines like music. While in Buddhism, the zen concept of 無 signifies “nothingness”, “not having” and the “absence of something”, it’s obsolete variant Yus (Ѫ) or modern “У” in Cyrillic, implies “to be near” or to be “in possession of”. In Traditional Chinese, the symbol denotes “shaman” or “sorcerer”, while in Eastern Mari “У” connotes the idea of the “new”. This sometimes contradictory cross-cultural phenomenon of dying language and obsolete literary systems taking on new meaning and symbolism was the inspiration for this short EP. Can a creation live on—if even in other forms— like offspring, or will it simply perish with time?

Invisible Oranges has premiered the track First Utterance starting that “pure nightmare fuel with a folksy crunch“ - you can listen and read their feature HERE.

As per tradition Ѫ, is yet another work in which 夢遊病者 leave the listener blindsided and stranded in a place of utter disbelief, marvel, and complete implausibility. 夢遊病者 are able to distill black metal and ritualistic psychedelia unlike anyone has ever done or even ever fathomed before. A meticulous distillation of styles, a breadth of musical knowledge and expertise in the most experimental realms of abstract music that has few rivals around, and finally, the vision, dare we say insanity, to ponder the impossible as feasible and execute it flawlessly against all skepticism. On paper, 夢遊病者’s formula seems impossible and unlikely, yet it exists, its essence ungraspable and far out of reach, its mystery and marvel oppressing in their unquestionable enormity.

Ѫ is scheduled for release on April 26 2019 through Sentient Ruin in North America and Babylon Doom cult Records in the EU, and will be issued as a single-sided etched black 12" LP housed in a custom black heavy cardstock fold-over cover and insert screenptined with metallic silver ink. A limited run of long sleeve shirts has also been made available from Sentient Ruin exclusively to celebrate what is perhaps the most insane chapter in the 夢遊病者 saga so far.

SUTEKH HEXEN: American Undisputed Icons of Ritualistic Black Noise Prepare Release of Massive Brand New 2XLP - Tracks Premiered at Indy Metal Vault and Heathen Harvest.


We’re truly honored to welcome the comeback of US Black Ambient veterans Sutekh Hexen. Both defiant and meditative, their latest self-titled full-length and first proper studio album furthers the project’s inquiry into opposition, endurance, and paradox. Both hypnotic and cruel, these ten highly charged tracks transgress yet again any previously imposed boundaries while upholding their raw ethos at its root, and at times defying the listener's expectations altogether. Though tempestuous as ever, with this work, Sutekh Hexen reaches across thresholds and thrusts longtime listeners into redefined spaces: haunted disorientation, surreal agony, the distress of buried forces surfacing, a revelation of black tongues. Each track is a rite of clandestine horror through a distillation of power-ambient, industrial, and black metal deconstructionism. This is a new era of Sutekh Hexen, and it is a sharpening of their blade, a merciless lucidity.

The album’s colossal aura and merciless execution is the result of a team effort of sorts with many contributors from the Bay Area and beyond lending their talents to harness a realm of sonic deconstruction of unseen force and magnitude - among them Von’s legendary vocalist/bassist Venien, BLSPHM’s Demian Johnston, and members of Lead Eater, Terror Cell Unit, and beyond.

The self titled double album will be officially released on March 29 2019 digitally, and as a stacked 2X cassette tape with two j-cards, silkscreened slipcase, and download card, limited to just 100 units. A 2LP edition pressed on black vinyl will also see the light through Sentient Ruin in the western hemisphere in a limited edition of only 150 units, while 150 more will be released in the EU by Cyclic Law along with a CD version.

Take a glimpse into the wretched and disembodied realm of aural chaos that Sutekh Hexen’s have summoned on their new album courtesy of Indy Metal Vault and Heathen Harvest, both of which have premiered a track off the album each, lauding the band’s new effort for its malevolent sonic mastery and grandiose weaving and layering of dark matter and shadows emanating from the void.

In the realm of extreme and otherworldly sounds, few entities have reached the peaks of cacophony and sonic disintegration touched by Bay Area blackened noise cult miscreants Sutekh Hexen. The ultra-prolific black noise sorcerers from Oakland have thus far amassed, in less than a decade into existence, a massive discography that touches depths of endarkenment and musical disembodiment that are almost impossible to understand. With releases being put out on cult labels like Magic Bullet, Cold Spring, Handmade Birds, Holy Terror, and Black Horizons, Sutekh Hexen have established them selves as absolute leaders in the realm of avantgarde ritualistic black metal and (un)sacred industrial/ambient/noise manifestations. Every release by the Oakland combo has been a stepping stone of sorts, showing an incredibly evolving trajecotry in their endless and ever-morphing vomiting of sublime cacophony, and displaying an array of influences and of ways of layering sound that make the band seem completely otherworldly. Like a smoldering, buzzing, hissing and screaming void of monstrous and unshackled chaos, Sutekh Hexen have been (along with their peers Gnaw Their Tongues, BLSPHM, Wold, Theologian, Murmuüre, Thisquietarmy etc.) the authors of some of the most uncompromising, scorching, spectral, and visionary ambient black metal ever put to tape.

DECOHERENCE: Haunting Debut 7" by UK Black Metal Destroyers to See the Light April 5 2019.


Sentient Ruin is honored and proud to partake in the first breath upon this world by debuting UK-based black metal enigma Decoherence. In strict adherence to black metal’s most hermetic and orthodox ways, Decoherence have stripped them selves of any human element to allow the music to solely speak for itself and come from a place of utter inhumanity devoid of any warmth or familiarity. As such biographies, social media, websites, identities, names and the such have been completely ignored in favor of the audio visual elements of the release which remain the sole focal point of the band’s craft and the only thing which the band has deemed meaningful in its hideous and isolationist attempt at communicating its wretched message. What has been disclosed to Sentient Ruin is that all music and recording is by Stroda in the UK, while vocals are by Tahazu, based in the US. 

Musically Decoherence remain firm in their homage to black metal’s proudest and most traditional roots, following in the footsteps of the forefathers of Scandinavian black metal like Marduk, Watain, Mayhem etc, while also vastly exploring uncharted and alien worlds of inhuman origin and mystique through the sapient weaving of grandiose and disorientating structures of pure sonic black matter, akin to those previously explored by bands like Darkspace, Funeral Mist, Aosoth, Leviathan, Skaphé, and Wormlust.

The result are two massive and chaotic movements of distilled and purified darkness incarnated among terrain existence to remind humanity of the darkness and unknown forces that permeate existence and constantly threaten all life, serving the will of entropy, chaos, destruction, evil, and inescapability.

As an initial offering to taste what is tome come, the band have made the first untitled track form the release available for listening over at Invisible Oranges

Symbolizing the blood of humanity being spilled every second in honor of futility and nothing, Decoherence’s debut self-tiled debut EP comes a limited run of 200 clear red vinyl 7”s housed in a custom made fold-over cover of blood red heavy stock silkscreened with black ink, and with abstract horror visual creations lent for the purpose by dark surrealism luminary Stephen Wilson.

Decoherence s/t 7”s can now be pre-ordered from Bandcamp and our store and are scheduled for an April 5 2019 official ship/release date.

HOLD ME DOWN: Sentient Ruin To Unleash Virginia's Nihilist Industrial Act's Debut EP on Limited Edition Cassette.


Sentient Ruin is proud to bring you a straight-to digital/tape "flash release" of the debut EP by Virginia based post-industrial act Hold Me Down, a new band featuring one member of virginian industrial black metal and Sentient Ruin stalwart act AMERICAN. Digitally self-released by the band in January 2019, and now seeing its first proper pressing in physical format, the self-titled EP will come as a limited run of 100 tapes intended to be sold as an online Sentient Ruin exclusive only, and shipping on April 5 2019. These tapes will be available on our store and or at Bandcamp exclusively and nowhere else.

Worshipping directly at the dystopian altar of bands like Skinny Puppy, early Ministry, and Godlfesh, Virginia's Hold Me Down debut with an EP of mezmerising industrial metal chaos and post-modern sonic deconstructionism set to annihilate the mind and torment the flesh with no solution of continuity. Within these seven cold and baneful cuts of mechanical aural pandemonium the listener will be drawn into a lifeless and colorless world of ruin and destruction where machines and deviant technology have replaced flesh and sanity and reduced man to a pale and fading memory, annihilated by its own delusions and exterminated by its own creations and mind. Subtle touches of harsh noise, power electronics, and black metal amalgamated in the mix round out a debut of absolutely mind-defiling cruelty.