SHAIDAR LOGOTH: US Black Metal Monstrosity Issue "Chapter II: The Ritualist" for the First Time Ever on Vinyl.


Sentient Ruin (US) and Clavis Secretorum (EU) are honored to announce the first ever release on vinyl for a true long lost masterpiece of USBM - Shaidar Logoth's Chapter II: The Ritualist

Originally released in 2015 by cult tape label Sol Y Nieve on a limited run of tapes, Shaidar Logoth's towering and imposing black metal masterpiece Chapter II: The Ritualist went all but unnoticed and now finally sees its first ever release on vinyl through a staggering audio-visual presentation customized to fit the utter majesty and uniqueness of the music. With The Ritualist Shaidar Logoth have unchained a black metal beast of utmost dread and unshackeled it of any form or restraint to let its turbulent and primordial instinct roam free to find its inevitable fate in inexorable chaos and destruction. Within these four vast movements of sickeningly magnificent atmospherics and dismal aural torment the listener will face the same infernal hallucinations and blood-chilling premonitions of horror and afflcition which have famously plagued other secretive and reticent black metal projects like Leviathan, Katharsis, Blut Aus Nord, S.V.E.S.T., Skaphe etc.

Always enigmatic, withdrawn, and rigorously shadow-dwelling, Shaidar Logoth silently emerged in Minnesota in late 2010 from a vision of mastermind and multi-instrumentalist Steven Henningsgard. Henningsgard set out to write and record years of ideas and riffs completely on his own, enlisting vocalist Adam Clemans (of Wolvhammer, Noose Rot, Skeletonwitch fame etc.) to help him complete his wretched vision. The result materialized as their hideous and foul debut demo/EP Chapter I: The Peddler - 30 minutes of raw and unforgiving black metal which viciously showcased the band's own plagued extreme metal formula made of ancestral and pestilent Scandinavian black metal fused with modern and unorthodox elements ranging from trance-inducing vortex-like passages, to progressive/psychedelic dirges, and obscure ambient ritualism.

Their proper debut album Chapter II: The Ritualist surfaced four years later in 2015 through a tape release from Sol Y Nieve revealing a massive evolution and broad improvement across their already magnificently detrimental sound architecture, with their songwriting and their sound especially now hinting at beast-like traits. Across its massive four tracks The Ritualist explored every notion of aural misery imaginable, tormenting the listener with lengthly and winding flailings of venomous black metal punctuated with dismal drone and dark ambient passages and thick layers of infernal and hallucinatory atmospherics.

Chapter II: The Ritualist can be now purchased from Sentient Ruin on our store and Bandcamp, as well as from Clavis Secretorum in the EU. The LP is available only in black vinyl and comes housed in a custom folder heavy black cardboard cover + insert printed with Pantone metallic silver.

VOID ROT: Minnesota Death/Doom Unit Unveil Grandiose Debut MLP - Track Premiered at Toilet Ov Hell.


Sentient Ruin is proud to present to the world a new entity which we are sure will leave its mark in US underground extreme metal in years to come. 

Hailing from Minneapolis MN, Void Rot are devoted to constructing massive and soul-consuming dirges of monstrous death-doom that is influenced by the glorious progenitors of majestic, atmospheric, and slow moving death metal like Winter, Rippikoulu, Disembowelment, early Paradise Lost, Incantation, etc.

With their debut MLP Consumed by Oblivion Void Rot unravel 15+ minis of earth-shaking and telluric death-doom that erupts from the depths of hades and pulverizes into the cosmos, weaving ancestral death metal and atmospheric doom into a dismal and soul-crushing deluge of riffs to construct a sonic colossus of unseen enormity, which will be sure to please all fans of bands like Spectral Voice, Anhedonist, Inverloch, Indesinence, Krypts.

Within their imposing compositions Void Rot weave light and darkness seamlessly and with unseen mastery, evoking atmospheres of unparalleled vastness that alternate majestically between sidereal and contemplative psychedelia, and visceral and bludgeoning heaviness. Consumed by Oblivion is an iconic and proud example of true american death-doom as seen at its finest hour as it masterfully distills the void of space and the loneliness of the cosmos and bends them to impact the crushing misery of our earthly reality. The end result is a seismic monolith of spine-breaking riffs and warped atmospheres that while glorifying death-doom's most distinctive traits also elevates the genere to an entire new level.

Consumed by Oblivion officially drops August 3 2018 on tape + digital and on CD + digital on Sentient Ruin and Everlasting Spew Records respectfully, while both labels have an LP version in the works as well slated for the end of the year. You can now hear the title track from the monstrous LP over at Toilet Ov Hell, and pre-order tapes and detail products from Sentient Ruin at our store or Bandcamp.

ABSTRACTER: Californian Blackened Doom Unit Unveil Haunting and Crushing Third LP - Track Premiered at Invisible Oranges.


Perhaps now assuming their ultimate and most ghastly form, Abstracter return with their most astonishingly telluric, bleak, and hopeless album to date. On their third and brand new LP Cinereus Incarnate the Oakland CA dark doom band unravel a blood-curdling sonic tale about a nightmarish world cursed to eternal twilight, where reality is torn to pieces and existence is reduced to the final stages of survival. Taking form through a deluge of suffocating distortion and dismal atmospheres that defies any categorization, Abstracter have created an hallucinatory and apocalyptic work that oozes with an immanent and oppressive sense of defeat and of unravelling hope, fusing together crust, black, doom, death metal, and cancerous strains of noise, drone, and dark ambient to summon a soul-crushing sonic cataclysm of utter misery and despair.

This brand new album sees Abstracter move further away from their origins and experiment even more with drone, dark ambient, (harsh) noise, black and death metal, while also vastly enhancing their primordial pool of influences centered around Corrupted’s slow-moving crushing doom nihilism, Amebix’s apocalyptic end-times crust, and Godflesh cold and dissonant crush-depth. At the core of the earth-shaking sonic annihilation of the album lies however an even vaster and intelligible plethora of influences ranging from Blut Aus Nord, Dystopia, Swans, Disembowelment, to Skullflower, Winter, Khanate and Celtic Frost which Abstracter have coerced together to erect an obsidian black wall of monstrous sound that levitates out of solid darkness crushing and devouring everything in its path. The end result is a terrifying listen and the absolute pinnacle in the band’s eight-year long sonic exploration. With its ghastly atmospheres choked by noisy dark ambience and its colossal progressions of shapeshifting black/death/doom, Cinereus Incarnate is a catastrophic listen - a sonic ordeal about a wretched world fallen to its knees in which the lines between life and hell, and reality and nightmare have been vaporized as existence sinks into a tormented shadowzone obscured by falling ash and nuclear fallout.

Invisible oranges have premiered the track Ashen Reign, calling Cinereus Incarnate "a sinister execution of doom, death, black, and sludge metal". You can checkout their article and stream the track HERE.

Recorded and mixed by Greg Wilkinson at Earhammer Studios (Vastum, Undergang, Acephalix, Autopsy, Graves At Sea, Noothgrush etc.) in Oakland CA, and mastered at Audiosiege in Portland OR by Brad Boatright (Nails, Wolfbrigade, Full of Hell, Vallenfyre etc), the monstrous album comes with an appallingly dense, layered, and oppressive production and features haunting dark ambient soundscapes and noise contributions by Sutekh Hexen’s own visual/noise luminary Kevin Gan Yuen (who also curated the album’s grandiose and apocalyptic art) and by San Francisco-based dark industrial musician Only Now - an unholy alliance which has yielded a sonic behemoth unlike anything else with an absolutely annihilating and otherworldly sound. Cinereus Incarnate is slated to be released on June 8 2018 through Sentient Ruin (tape/US LP), Vendetta Records (EU LP), Tartarus Records (EU tape), I Voidhanger Records (CD), and Daymare Recordings (Japanese enhanced CD with a cover of Amebix's  Fear of God as a bonus track) - pre-orders for all formats are live on the band's Bandcamp, or on our store or Bandcamp.


夢遊病者 (Sleepwalker): Enigmatic Psychedelic Black Metal Experimentalists Unveil Mind-Bending Sophomore LP - Track Premiered at Invisible Oranges.

We proudly bring you 一期一会 (Ichi-go ichi-e) the once again unparalleled sophomore LP from elusive multinational psychedelic/avantgarde black metal enigma 夢遊病者 (Sleepwalker) set to be officially released in the US by Sentient Ruin on cassette, digital, and and 12" vinyl on May 25 2018

一期一会 (Ichi-go ichi-e): "for this time only, never again". This japanese idiom is the central theme of the new, second, unbelievable album of the same name by the elusive psychedelic/avantgarde black metal enigma 夢遊病者 (Sleepwalker). Once again fusing drone, raw black metal, kraut/psychedelic rock, free-jazz, noise rock, and tribal ritualism to absolutely mind-melting effect, Sleepwalker's idea behind this new record was to take central superstitions that rule the rhetoric of eastern lore and funnel them through the prism of the modern world. The final result: the band's staple psychedelic black metal mind-fuck ritual gloriously preserved and burning brighter and more insanely than ever. Suspended between the visionary opposites of bands like Voivod, Zeni Geva, Oxbow, King Crimson, Oranssi Pazuzu, Lurker of Chalice, and Xasthur, with "一期一会" Sleepwalker have once again proven to be one of the most mind-expanding and visionary experimental black metal acts of our times.

Invisible Oranges has premiered the track Never Through a Threshold (you can read their feature and listen to the track HERE), calling 一期一会 an "instantaneous density of sound both aggressive and distant, airy and full of rage".

The essence of 夢遊病者, is to take cues from the improvisational school of jazz and the cathartic nature of ritual folk music and couple it with the raw energy of bands like Voivod, Zeni Geva, G.I.S.M., and the most wretched raw black metal. Thematically and conceptually the band's lyrics and much of the visuals focus on different cultural traditions, superstitions, ritualism, and ceremonies, as well as familial experiences. But at the same time, 夢遊病者 goes far beyond what is apparent and obvious... Artistic, cultural and musical influences of the band range as far and wide as Keiji Haino, Kazuki Tomokawa, as well as Vladimir Vysotsky, Justin Broderick, Erik Rutan, American noise rock like Unsane, bands like NoMeansNoand, Finnish Black Metal, and 70's psych and prog rock and soundtrack music... And beyond all that still. In the world of 夢遊病者 the sole objective is catharsis, and fusing all of these seeming disparities together into something that is completely unheard of, unsettling and violent, but also familiar and seducing.

As a band - 夢遊病 isn't really "based" out of anywhere, assuming immaterial form, and existing as ideas, concepts, and visions that cyclically coalesce into sound. With its members based as far apart as Osaka - Japan, Tver - Russia, and New York - USA, the band was formed after they became acquainted online, and everything is written sharing ideas and recordings over the internet and finally, when the moment seems right, the three members convene somewhere in person to record.

Pre-orders for all formats(tapes, digital, gold and black vinyl) are now available on our store and Bandcamp, while the release will be handled in the EU once again by the Annapurna label (also providing a CD release).