UNYIELDING LOVE's "The Sweat of Augury" Finally Available on 12" Vinyl.

After the cassette tape sold out in record time, finally, one of the most monstrous releases of 2016 is now available on 12" 45RPM black wax, and can now be ordered again on our store and on our Bandcamp

When Decibel Magazine (click HERE to read their feature) first encountered the scathing and torturous sonic depravity of Northern Ireland's Unyielding Love 's upcoming debut EP The Sweat of Augury they stated in utter amazement that the band “have blasted so hard towards the realm of harsh noise that their song structures are framed around icepick feedback and a layer of pedal abuse that makes it seem like every song they playing is the last they'll manage before their equipment disintegrates”, and then further exclaiming that Unyielding Love are “a goddamn nightmare of grind and discord that may have a few of you shitting teeth”. CVLT Nation later went to to elect The Sweat of Augury as one of te best grindcore releases of 2016.

It comes as no surprise that anyone who is first exposed to this band’s skin-peeling music remains completely baffled and speechless in front of the enormous amount of violence and senseless antagonism that bleeds out of Unyielding Love’s crazed homicidal songs. Birthed in the pits of Belfast, Northern Ireland and seemingly not responding to any laws of any kind in existence in the universe, Unyielding Love create impossible to believe noise-infested blackened grindcore of absolutely boundless and lawless depravity - music that is apparently built with the sole purpose to blind-side, ambush, and slay human ears with an unbelievably torrid and vile blend of lightning-fast grinding hatred and a scathing mauling of harsh-noise insanity. Blending grindcore, black metal, noise and power electronics in a firestorm of abhorrent sonic chaos, Unyielding Love have perfectly bridged the gap between the aesthetics of bands like Full of Hell (for whom the band will open all upcoming UK dates), Column of Heaven, (early) Knelt RoteSutekh Hexen, and Gnaw Their Tongues, creating something so heinous and sonically wretched that the human brain will ever only partially be able to fully grasp the full extent of this band’s immeasurable madness and vision.

Today, we're honored to bring you this sonic cataclysm of an album on 45RPM 12" black vinyl - a format which truly embodies the raw and primordial starkness of the band's sound. Vinyl records will thus be available immediately -  in the US through Sentient Ruin, and in the UK/EU through a syndicate of local labels: Feast of Tentacles, Skin & Bones Records, and Vetala Productions.

AMERICAN: Recluse Industrial Black Metal Abusers Unveil Harrowing Sophomore LP - Track Streaming at CVLT Nation.

Violate and Control

01. Visions of Great Faith
02. Necklacing
03. Submission Psalm
04. Bedsheet Ossuary
05. Forever a Wicked Form
06. Amorous and Subdued
07. Ischemia - The Longing Agony
08. Defecting Ways
09. I Am Thine Enemy
10. Paradise Again

We’re honored and excited to bring you the second full-length album by recluse industrial black metal/harsh noise abusers american (which the band stylizes lowercase). This is especially a heartfelt release for SR as american were one of the earliest ever bands we worked with back in 2014 (our fourth ever “signing” to be exact), and their debut album we released on cassette - Coping With Loss - was a cornerstone point of no return for us, and probably the first release to make the SR name surface out of complete obscurity, and which first realistically circulated the label’s vision among total strangers for the first time ever. 

Hailing from Richmond, Virgina, american are a mysterious raw black metal/industrial/sludge duo fully committed to the torments and un-comfort of total oblivion and obscurity. No live activity and an existence at the borderline of everything have turned this band into a frightening enigma. Influenced by such revolutionary and genre-defying acts as The Body, Leviathan, Ministry, Skinny Puppy, Craft, Godlflesh, and Blut Aus Nord, american play a blown out, disembodied, torturous and completely fucking annihilated blend of delirious hardcore punk, sludge, black metal, industrial, and noise, creating songs that ooze of almost implausible negativity and bask in ruinous self-destruction. The duo write and record everything at home on their own and have thus far released a frightening debut self-titled demo and a split with the ambient band Crone to which they contributed three tracks. Noticing their diseased and self-destructive craft early on, a then embryonal and completely unknown Sentient Ruin worked with the band in 2014 to release their debut album - Coping With Loss - on cassette, the first ever release for the label to garner any press attention or recognition, and which established the imprint as a credible force. Coping With Loss was a scary and hermetic album which introduced the world to a band being literally devoured by its torments and by its own deviated emotions, and which made listeners gasp in disbelief at the sheer cruelty of the duo’s music, with the likes of Noisey claiming that american’s music “takes you into a world of pain”, and makes you “beg to whoever you believe in to kill you”, CVLT Nation explaining that their music “advocates suicide”, and Invisible Oranges further explaining that their music “is blessed with a haunting aura thick with loathing”.

Building further upon the ill foundations of their castigating and sadistic debut album, american have finally birthed - after three years spent in total seclusion - the inevitable and astonishing nightmare that it their second album. With Violate and Control american have reached a new zenith in musical depravity, and carved an even deeper wound into the American extreme metal underground with their own brand of crazed, sadistic, and raw industrial black metal. Reaching depths of emotional collapse and of musical abuse that barely seem graspable, american’s new creation will leave old fans of the band and new admirers alike horrified by the sheer cruelty reached in this new work, and disgusted by the band’s mindless and lawless evolution into complete and triumphant aural perversion. While their most iconic traits comprised of face-tearing screams, swarming black metal guitars, barbarically obsessive drum machines, and a humiliating barrage of power electronics and pedal abuse remain, with Violate and Control american have also pushed themselves and their wretched craft to often repellant absurds, leaving the listener blindsided and helpless to witness the band literally disembowel their emotions and imagination from within, with a jagged and dull blade made of delirious sonic sadism. Within Violate and Control’s blunt and soulless sonic inhumanity one will find the true distilled essence of self-loathing and of total sensorial mutilation, embodied as ten tracks of absolutely magnificent sonic abhorrence that hideously bring together the abyssal darkness of black metal bands like Leviathan and Ash Borer, the earth-shaking noise abuse of Bastard Noise and The Body, and the glacial magnificence of blackened noise sound sculptors like Sutekh Hexen, Locrian, and Wold.

CVLT Nation is now streaming the first track extrapolated from this visionary and wretched work - check out the noise-infested black metal delirium of Amorous and Subdued HERE.

Featuring disturbingly beautiful art made for the band by abstract collage visionary øjeRum, Violate and Control will see the light on June 30 2017 as LP/Cassette/Digital through Sentient Ruin in partnership with Fragile Branch Recordings (also US LP/Cassette) and Shove (EU LP) - pre-orders are now live on our Bandcamp, or store.

SHOW OF BEDLAM: Canadian Avant-doom Destroyers Unveil Mind-crushing Second Album - Track Streaming at CVLT Nation.

It is with immense pleasure that we announce our partnership with one of experimental metal's most promising and visionary underground acts currently in activity today. Montreal, Quebec's Show of Bedlam are about to gift humanity with an unforgettable onslaught of visionary avant-garde doom metal destruction, incarnated as their mind-crushing second full-length album titled Transfiguration.

Named after the infamous St. Mary of Bethlehem insane asylum in London, and Hailing from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Show of Bedlam are one of those bands that become instantly recognizable upon first listen, and which are an auditive experience that even the most distracted or demanding listeners will not be able to overlook and will deem simply unforgettable. Like your worst nightmares and the scathing visions of insanity they try to evoke with their music, this band's songs nest inside your head like an unhinged fear or a repellant constant phobia, never to leave ever again. Show of Bedlam craft songs that dig and ravage deep within your subconscious, unearthing your most deviated and repressed emotions, crushing you under the weight of an inhuman barrage of angular and discordant riffs, and causing a massive sensorial surge within the deepest crevices of your soul that will make you rattle in fear and shake you to the core.

Creating an ominous, psychotic, and crazed blend of doom metal, sludge, noise rock, post-punk, no-wave, goth, and industrial, Show of Bedlam have stitched together a sonic palette of unbelievable evocative force and of sublime destructive prowess. With an insane and sprawling plethora of musical influences ranging from Swans, Godflesh, Sonic Youth, Babes in Toyland, Lydia Lunch, Melvins, and Burning Witch, to Zeni GevaButthole Surfers, Christian Death, The Cure, Bauhaus, Neurosis and beyond, and with cryptic and harrowing  lyrics dealing with subject matter related to mental illness, hospitals, shame, alienation, and mankind’s fate, Show of Bedlam have birthed something monstrous and unforgiving that is at times beautiful, at times hideously ugly, delicate, intimate and terribly wretched at the same time.

CVLT Nation is now premiering the first track extrapolated from the release - the annihilating Tælus and the feature and stream can be checked out HERE.

To be released on May 12 2017 on cassette, digital and 12" LP, Transfiguration takes form as a mind-crushing avantgarde doom metal monster in which the torments of madness, alienation, and mental disease coalesce into a devouring implosion of collapsing emotions and suffocating sonic obliteration. A true experimental doom colossus form for fans of Anatomy of Habit, Indian, Lord Mantis, Swans, Bodychoke, Diamanda Galas, Made Out of Babies, Battle of Mice, and mid-career Neurosis.

Transfiguration US pre-orders for tape, LP and digital are now live on our Bandcamp and store, and will be released in collaboration with Dawnbreed Records (EU vinyl and tape), Desordre Ordonee (CA vinyl), and PRC music (CD worldwide)

ABKEHR: German Black Metal duo prepare incredible debut release - track unveiled at CVLT Nation.


We're very pleased to announce the release of In Asche - the debut release by German black metal specter ABKEHR. CVLT Nation has just unveiled the first track from this dark and embittered masterpiece, and you can list to II and read their feature HERE.

Slithering out from the most remote crevices of the German extreme metal underworld, Abkehr's genesis appears to have been sparked by unprecedented emotional and mental collapse and by an unfathomable pull toward absolute, devouring darkness. The band formed in 2015 in Northern Germany by sole masterminds Raash and H. with the intent of unifying under the black looming star of self-disintegration the raw misanthropic grimness of the most praised Norwegian black metal tradition with the atmosphere and desperation of depressive black metal, and the swarming majesty of US atmospheric black metal. Shaped by a diverse and sapient pletora of influences ranging from Darkthrone, Gorgoroth, and Craft, to Cornigr, Mgła, and Ash Borer, Abkehr have funneled the primordial abjection and hatred of traditional black metal through a cascading surge of the most blighted and tormented human emotions, creating something grandiose and ungraspable who’s beauty is matched solely by its own omnipotent wretchedness.

With the "mini album" In Asche Abkehr explore the many manifestations of darkness, hopelessness, evil, and annihilation - condensing them into heathen sonic form to distill their very own expression of actual hell. Hideously and relentlessly crawling across four vast movements of pure incarnated darkness, In Asche is a towering and commanding work in the current underground black metal panorama, which has managed to harness the primordial savagery of bands like Craft and Judas Iscariot, the vast and enveloping hopelessness of bands like Weakling and Ash Borer, and the visionary wretchedness of brilliant black metal anomalies like Twilight and Leviathan, to create their own personal passageway into a tormented and shadow-torn world.

In Asche

1. I
2. II
3. III
4. IV

In Asche is slated for release on May 19 2017 in tape/digital formats (with an LP version to be announced soon) and is now pre-orderable on our store or Bandcamp. Keep an eye out for more tracks to be unveiled in the coming weeks.