MISRULE: Annihilating One-Man DeathGrind Abomination Unleashes Bludegeoning Debut Demo - Track Premiered at Metal Injection.


Unrelenting and completely out of control, Forced to Suffer is the ghastly debut demo tape by Portland, OR one man extreme death/grind aberration MISRULE. Drawing life from the most abhorrent and scary strains of grindcore and extreme metal (as seen for example in other similarly sanity-defying acts like Vermin Womb, Knelt Rote, Plague Widow, Infernal Coil etc.), MISRULE is an unrestrained and completely uncontrolled exercise in total aural terror. Within its framework of devastating extreme metal and tumefying aggression lies a critical mass of collapsing emotions and unravelling psychological horror that have yielded a mere eight minutes of absolutely unfathomable sonic terror, funneled by sole mastermind S. Mahoney into a coercitive and utterly pulverizing amalgamation of ferocious grindcore obliteration and merciless blackened death metal chaos that defies any categorization.

To get the first glimpse into the utter nightmare that is MISRULE head over to Metal Injection and read the feature + stream Lead to the Grave - the first bludgeoning track extrapolated from the demo. You can find their feature HERE.

S. Mahoney is the sole mastermind behind MISRULE, for which he writes, records, and masters everything on his own and also curates the project's artwork and visual aspect. Having taken the project's moniker from a Nightbringer song, with the creation of MISRULE Mahoney has set out on a lonely voyage toward total self-disintegration, birthing an extreme metal aberration whose sole purpose is that of exploring the many possibilities and unknown ramifications of total and unadulterated aural terror. With speeds and intensity that approach imploding point, atmospheres and moods which are those of actual hell, and a heaviness so crushing it seems coming from some remote realm of the absurd, MISRULE is nothing short than a terrifying experiment - a test in the survival of the psyche and in the resistance of the flesh against the most liminal odds of sonic obliteration. The sheer insanity and brutality of the music are however far from being the only scope and reach of the project. With MISRULE Mahoney has in fact created a vessel for him to explore and expunge a wide array of personal torments, and use the project as a cathartic weapon to give voice to some of the most blighted and afflicting inner torments, funneling unbearable sentiments of hatred, pain, disillusionment, abandon and resignation into a hideous musical experiment. The end result is complete armageddon - a sonic abomination that while punishing the senses with unseen sonic spite, comes also laced with a barrage of emotional and psychological horror which makes MISRULE truly a multidimensional sonic horror like none other.

To be officially released on March 2 2018, you can now preorder Forced to Suffer demo tapes + digital products on our store and Bandcamp.

NOOSE ROT: Primitive Death Metal Butchers Debut With Barbaric New Demo Tape - Track Premiered at Decibel Magazine.


There really is not much to overthink or over-elaborare about NOOSE ROT. Theirs is simply just totally fucked and putrid death metal from the most rotten crevices of the underworld. NOOSE ROT hail from Minnesota and have coalesced around a shared love of members of Gatecreeper and Wolvhammer for primitive and involved death metal in the vein of Autopsy, Pungent Stench, Coffins, Nihilist, Grave, and Repugnant - deciding to join forces to birth their own unholy death metal abomination that would worship at the altar of the Finnish and Scandinavian gods of ancestral death and decay. 

Gruesomely regressed and appallingly involved, In their wretched and bludgeoning debut EP NOOSE ROT spew forth a vomited cascade of complete aural filth that engulfs the listener in a blinding deluge of chainsawing guitars, steamrolling drums, and putridly tortured vocals. At its most delicate and refined The Creeping Unknown is nothing more than a coffin-born aural stampede of complete aural rot where caveman-death metal is taken to a sickening new extreme, conjuring similar diseased atmospheres as seen in bands like Cruciamentum, Vastum, Acephalix, Disma, and Grave Miasma.

Sentient Ruin is proud and honored to have been made a part of NOOSE ROT's first putrid breath into this world, and as such we could not be happier today to announce that their the release of their debut demo tape The Creeping Unknown coming out on February 16 2018, and now pre-ordeable along with digital products on our store and Bandcamp.

The Creeping Unknown

1. Mass Grave Interment
2. Worship the Crypt
3. The Creeping Unknown
4. Bound in a Dark House

For an early taste of NOOSE ROT's upcoming sonic rampage of total disgust, just head over to Decibel Magazine and check out their feature where they've unveiled the demo's title track for streaming saying that NOOSE ROT "distill death metal to its most deadly form: raw and heavy as hell".

ROTTING SKY: Colossal Debut Album from Oregon Black/Drone/Noise One-Man Enigma Re-issued - Track Featured at CVLT Nation.


We're proud and honored to present you with tape reissue and first ever vinyl release of ROTTING SKY's 2014 long lost and absolute magnum opus - Sedation - a colossal and swarming masterpiece of obsidian black droney industrial black noise.

T. Messing (guitarist of crust punk legends Nux Vomica) brings you this mind-shattering and incredibly introspective solo work, incarnated into one of the most accomplished, devastating, and visionary masterpieces to have been conceived within the realm of black metal and noise crossover genres in the last five-six years at least. Originally released in 2014 as a limited run of 100 tapes by now defunct tape label Grimoire Cassette Cvlture - Sedation was one of the tail end releases for the label, with the cassette being released close to the label's final demise and as such going nearly completely unnoticed, as all available copies soon vanished from the public eye with the label shutting down its online store and online operations. Sentient Ruin however did not fail to notice this astonishing album, and it eventually took us a good three years to track down Messing and bring him on board for a proper (re)release.

Today we are honored and excited to have accomplished this very heartfelt mission, as we bring you the ultimate and final release of Sedation, re-mastered, and re-packaged with spectacularly wretched new artwork done for the project by noise/industrial visionary artist Anderson Cook, and further enhanced by a much needed and absolutely glorious vinyl release. An unforgettable sonic flailing that lives once again, suspended between the realms of extreme metal, drone and noise music, that will delight fans of atmospheric experimental extreme bands like Sutekh Hexen, Locrian, Wraiths, Thisquietarmy, Pyramids, BLSPHM, Darkspace, etc. 

The Sedation re-release will officially see the light on February 9 2018, and pre-orders for limited black or standard clear w/black haze vinyl, digital, tapes, test cassette/pressing are now up on our Bandcamp or store

CVLT Nation are now exclusively premiering the track Tryants of Sedation calling Sedation  "something of truly blinding and wretched beauty". Check out their feature HERE

Active since at least 2007, and always existed withering within a shadowtorn twilight of near non-existence, Rotting Sky is one of the most enigmatic and ungraspabale extreme/experimental metal mysteries to have ever materialized on American soil. Sole Rotting Sky mastermind T. Messing is known as the guitarist of legendary epic crust punk/metal powerhouse Nux Vomica, but it's within this solo ambient industrial black metal endeavor of his that one can truly grasp the full extent of his visionary and transcendental creative reach. Erected upon a monumental maze of pedal abuse and layers upon layers of wretched static, Messing's blackened drone comes to life as a levitating and howling chasm of total sonic disintegration, in which the plane of existence is disemboweled with a hideous swarm of decaying sound to reveal the immateriality, nothingness, and emptiness that lies within all and everything. Rotting Sky is a place where nightmares take shape and hope is devoured. A place where sanity is a desire and suffering a fact, where pain is boundless, and the reality of flesh becomes nothing but a disintegrating and evaporating specter, dismembered across the cosmos, and lost across vast distances in a fathomless, sorrowful and vacuous void devoid of all hope.

VESSEL OF INIQUITY: UK Black/Death/Noise Monstrosity to Release Horrific Debut Mini LP in January - Full Stream at Toilet ov Hell.


We're honored and proud to release the life-shattering debut album of UK-based one-man black/death/noise monstrosity Vessel of Iniquity. Fifteen minutes of unfathomable audial terror designed to disintegrate existence directly from within. Fifteen minutes of inconceivable sonic trauma administered through the unholy abuse of the most blighted blackened death metal and of the most anti-human and liminal strains of noise, drone and power electronics. A sensorially annihilating and humiliating sonic holocaust that has brought together the diverse but equally decimating aesthetics of extreme acts like Gnaw Their Tongues, Impetuous Ritual, and Teitanblood to conceive the most absurd and completely unthinkable realms of musical devastation.

Toilet ov Hell have premiered the album in full calling the release a "a downward spiral of churning blast beats and coiling electronic swells" - you can check out their feature HERE.

Vessel of Iniquity is the new brainchild of UK-sonic experimentalist A. White, a recluse sound-sculptor who's been a defining point in UK-undergorund extreme/experimental for nearly two decades, and who has amassed countless releases and projects to this day, all under various pseudonyms and monikers.

200 vinyl records and 200 tapes of the release will be pressed, all in conjunction with Xenoglossy Productions, handling release and distribution in the EU. The Vinyl records come housed in a fold-over heavy charcoal black cardstock sleeve and include a 12"x12" insert. All black vinyl but with two color art variants: 100 come with gold on black (US), and 100 with silver on black (EU - co-released by Xenoglossy Productions). Both available but silver is limited.

The tapes are the ultimate analog annihilation artifact, coming with black shells printed with golden ink, wrapped in a j-card of charcoal black rough cardstock printed with offset golden metallic inks. The same version exists co-released in the EU by Xenoglossy Productions printed with silver inks instead of gold. Both versions in stock though the EU silver on black version is extremely limited.

The self titled Vessel of Iniquity mini album will be released officially in the US by Sentient Ruin, and in the EU by Xenoglossy Productions on January 19 2018. vinyl, tapes and digital products can now be pre-ordered on our store and Bandcamp.