ATRAMENT: Nihilistic Bay Area Crust Punks Return With Bludgeoning Sophomore Offering "Scum Sect" - Tracks Premiered at Decibel Magazine and Revolver Magazine.


Nihilistic Bay Area crust punks Atrament (who feature in their ranks current and past members of Vastum, Necrot, Mortuous, Abstracter, Moral Void, and Black September) return with Scum Sect, a thirty minute sophomore offering of sprawling hostility and of marvelously regressed sonic barbarism. Fusing together crust/anarcho punk, black and death metal with classic Swedish D-Beat, Atrament draw influence from bands like Doom, Discharge, Deviated Instinct, Skitsystem, Craft, Darkthrone and Dismember to instate widespread terror and summon total sonic warfare. A must listen and own for any true fan of Wolfpack/Wolfbrigade, Skitsystem, Gehenna, Vallenfyre, Acephalix, etc.

Atrament first appeared in 2015 with their infamously wretched two-song demo tape, following up the following year with their proper full-length album Eternal Downfall, recorded at Earhammer Studios by Greg Wilkinson (Vastum, Necrot, Acephalix, Undergang, Noothgrush, Autopsy etc.), mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege (Nails, Vallenfyre, Full of Hell) and released in 2016 by Argento Records in the EU and by Broken Limbs Recordings in the USA. Eternal Downfall first introduced the full spectrum of Atrament's bludgeoning sonic weapon: a maelstrom of incredibly dark, negative, and hateful crust punk driven by a barrage of crushing d-beat drumming, and laced with the deadliest strains of primal death metal and of the most cancerous raw black metal. The record met with praise by high-ranking publications like CVLT Nation, Metal Injection, Terrorizer Magazine and Invisible Oranges, with many lauding the band's clever, uncompromising, and highly lethal approach to primitive metallic punk.

Now Atrament have re-emerged with Scum Sect, their most vile and malevolent music to date. Within the total chaos and endless destruction of these harrowing thirty minutes, the listener will face a world riddled with plague and torment that appears hopeless and torn as an utter firestorm of crashing d-beats, shrapnel-infused riffs, and abhorrent atmospheres is unleashed upon them with methodical hostility.

Decibel Magazine and Revolver Magazine have both premiered a track from the album each, stating that Scum Sect is "just the latest vehicle for Atrament's black misery" a "new LP of d-beat destruction" - 

While the nightmarish artwork which graces the work was once gain crafted for the band by dark surrealism master Stephen Wilson, Scum Sect’s monstrous sound and low end crush depth was achieved once again within the walls of Earhammer Studios in Oakland CA, the famed lair of sound engineer wizard Greg Wilkinson, while the pulverizing and thick as concrete mastering was achieved once again at Audiosiege in Portland OR by mastering guru Brad Boatright. Scum Sect is slated to release on September 28 2018 through Sentient Ruin (tape/US vinyl), Caligari Records (tape co-release), and through Blood Harvest in the EU (CD/EU vinyl).

COMMON EIDER, KING EIDER: Ritual Black Drone/Dark Ambient Experimentalists Unveil Haunting New LP - Track Premiered at CVLT Nation.

Sentient Ruin is honored to present A Wound Of Body, the first part of Common Eider, King Eider’s "Wound" duology, two separate releases linked sonically, visually and spiritually, together forming the group’s most focused and fully realized work to date. The two releases together offer up a sprawling, audial exploration of wounds at once physical and spiritual, social and societal, natural and environmental.

Sonically, A Wound Of Body is a beautifully stark soundscape, dolorously dense, suffocatingly oppressive and utterly claustrophobic. An immersive black hole of bleak, cavernous dronemusic and disquieting, desolate ambience, each track a hushed and harrowing ritual; the surface minimalism underpinned by a churning morass of sound, a layered liturgy of blackened invocations and nebulous strings hovering in the shadows. 

Haunting melodies and disembodied voices surface throughout, A Wound Of Body’s impenetrable darkness only barely tempered by hopeful glimmers of light and subtle shades of washed out color. Shards of melody drift and dissipate, wreathed in smoldering blurs of disembodied guitar and transformed into ghostly streaks of ashen grey. Dolorous violas unfurl aching threnodies that drift on languid seas of smeared gongs and darkly devotional vocal incantations, all hymns to the spirits that animate us, a reminder of the transience of our physical form and the impermanence of our existence. But at the same time a reminder that the fleeting nature of our place in the universe does not lessen our impact on the world around us. 

A Wound Of Body

1. Remembrance - A Threnody
2. Sinew Stretched Over Crumbling Bones
3. We Sing Over These Bones So That They May Rise Up and Run Away Into the Night
4. Hélène
5. River of Blood

States the band:

"The wounds of the body, and of the spirit, are in part the result of unfettered capitalism and a patriarchy run rampant. We remain, even in a comparatively enlightened era, cogs in the capitalist machine, and beholden to a leadership and a code of ethics that seemingly remains indifferent to our humanity. We have lost our connection to our bodies, to the sacred, to our sexuality, to the primacy of what makes us human. Which in turn has seemingly severed our connections to nature and wilderness, our wounds perpetuating our relationships with the world around us via land development and resource exploitation, with both our bodies and the world we live in viewed by many simply as commodities to own, sell, exploit and destroy."

A Wound Of Body is presented on cassette in a minimal black J-card, on textured paper, and printed in silver metallic ink. The tape J-card is adorned with the CEKE sigil, while the LP comes in a duo-tone silver/black printed jacket with black flood inside and printed inner sleeve, and both the LP and tape come with images of a micro-landscape rendered in bone, a stark image of the alien, otherworldly topography that lurks beneath the skin, emblematic of the inevitable decay and disintegration of our physical forms: the ruin we become, and the ruin we leave behind.

A Wound Of Body is slated to be released on tape and vinyl for the US through Sentient Ruin and on CD and vinyl for the EU by Cyclic Law. Pre-orders are now available on our Bandcamp and store, while a track has been made available in advance exclusively through CVLT Nation.

ALTARS: San Jose CA-based Death-grind Vandals Unleash Bludgeoning Debut 7" EP - Tracks Premiered by Decibel Magazine and Metal Injection.


Sentient Ruin is honored to announce the debut 7" release by San Jose CA-based ALTARS, along with Dawnbreed Records handling the release for the EU market.

On this debut demo/EP 7" mysterious San Jose CA-based aural terrorists ALTARS spew forth a firestorm of bludgeoning grinding death metal terror which effortlessly succeeds in completely and gruesomely dismantling the listener in under ten minutes. With guitars as thick as concrete, atmospheres of utmost hatred, and a steamrolling rhythm section, Altars bring to mind the glory and hostile supremacy of historic UK death-grind like Benediction, early Carcass and Bolt Thrower while also vomiting on the listener a barrage of utter malignancy and of dark and twisted atmospheres akin to those of bands like Pseudogod and Lvcifyre.

States the band: "This 7” is the product of four friends who love old school death metal. Taking inspiration from Autopsy, Morbid Angel, Bolt Thrower, and combining it with the straightforward, no frills delivery of Napalm death and other Grindcore, this is our offering to the altar."

1. Unholy Retribution
2. Conqueror
3. Ancient
4. Black Magic

Decibel Magazine and Metal Injection have premiered two tracks from the release stating that this 7" is "bludgeoning death metal terror" and "raw, unfiltered death metal that is unaware of trends". You can find their features HERE and HERE.

Coming as a 45RPM vinyl 7" adorned with incredible art by Eric Radey, the self titled EP will be available in limited black or standard clear orange vinyl housed in a black heavy cardstock cover and insert printed with copper metallic spot color inks. 

Sentient Ruin (US) and Dawnbreed Records (EU), officially release the debut ALTARS 7" on August 23 2018, now pre-ordeable on our store and Bandcamp.

SHAIDAR LOGOTH: US Black Metal Monstrosity Issue "Chapter II: The Ritualist" for the First Time Ever on Vinyl.


Sentient Ruin (US) and Clavis Secretorum (EU) are honored to announce the first ever release on vinyl for a true long lost masterpiece of USBM - Shaidar Logoth's Chapter II: The Ritualist

Originally released in 2015 by cult tape label Sol Y Nieve on a limited run of tapes, Shaidar Logoth's towering and imposing black metal masterpiece Chapter II: The Ritualist went all but unnoticed and now finally sees its first ever release on vinyl through a staggering audio-visual presentation customized to fit the utter majesty and uniqueness of the music. With The Ritualist Shaidar Logoth have unchained a black metal beast of utmost dread and unshackeled it of any form or restraint to let its turbulent and primordial instinct roam free to find its inevitable fate in inexorable chaos and destruction. Within these four vast movements of sickeningly magnificent atmospherics and dismal aural torment the listener will face the same infernal hallucinations and blood-chilling premonitions of horror and afflcition which have famously plagued other secretive and reticent black metal projects like Leviathan, Katharsis, Blut Aus Nord, S.V.E.S.T., Skaphe etc.

Always enigmatic, withdrawn, and rigorously shadow-dwelling, Shaidar Logoth silently emerged in Minnesota in late 2010 from a vision of mastermind and multi-instrumentalist Steven Henningsgard. Henningsgard set out to write and record years of ideas and riffs completely on his own, enlisting vocalist Adam Clemans (of Wolvhammer, Noose Rot, Skeletonwitch fame etc.) to help him complete his wretched vision. The result materialized as their hideous and foul debut demo/EP Chapter I: The Peddler - 30 minutes of raw and unforgiving black metal which viciously showcased the band's own plagued extreme metal formula made of ancestral and pestilent Scandinavian black metal fused with modern and unorthodox elements ranging from trance-inducing vortex-like passages, to progressive/psychedelic dirges, and obscure ambient ritualism.

Their proper debut album Chapter II: The Ritualist surfaced four years later in 2015 through a tape release from Sol Y Nieve revealing a massive evolution and broad improvement across their already magnificently detrimental sound architecture, with their songwriting and their sound especially now hinting at beast-like traits. Across its massive four tracks The Ritualist explored every notion of aural misery imaginable, tormenting the listener with lengthly and winding flailings of venomous black metal punctuated with dismal drone and dark ambient passages and thick layers of infernal and hallucinatory atmospherics.

Chapter II: The Ritualist can be now purchased from Sentient Ruin on our store and Bandcamp, as well as from Clavis Secretorum in the EU. The LP is available only in black vinyl and comes housed in a custom folder heavy black cardboard cover + insert printed with Pantone metallic silver.