DETH CRUX: Los Angeles Post-Punk Night Stalkers Release Mesmerizing Debut LP - Full Album Premiered at CVLT Nation.

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After debuting in 2015 with their staggering first EP Pears of Anguish, Los Angeles deathrock night stalkers Deth Crux (who feature in their ranks members of US doom legends Buried at Sea and of L.A. black/death heathens Lighting Swords of Death) return with their long awaited debut album - the haunting and chameleonic Mutant Flesh, forty minutes of shapeshifting and deviant horror punk/gothic rock soaked in neon, blood, sex, and perversion.

Shrouded in an aura both erotic and extraterrestrial, Mutant Flesh is a modern post-punk juggernaut in which Deth Crux have distilled the most tumultuous, unclean, and eclectic aspects of their home town Los Angeles to create a dark punk opera of unparalleled seductiveness and darkness. Theirs is not the Los Angeles we all know. Instead it is a city they have transformed and reimagined through sound with its most dysfunctional and cinematic traits exaggerated and pushed to the forefront, haunted by neon-hungry ghosts and mutated subhuman creatures hiding behind black sunglasses among the surface population, where strange flesh is sold to fulfill unearthly desires. In Mutant Flesh Deth Crux channel the grandiose majesty and gloom of iconic UK goth bands like Bauhaus, Fields of the Nephilim, and Sister of Mercy, with the spooky and feral irreverence of Christian Death, projecting it all against their own personal audio-visual backdrop of decaying urban madness and sinister body horror to yield something truly both unseen and marvelously unsettling and seductive.

Recorded and mixed by famed sound designer Sanford Parker (Leviathan, Wovenhand, Nachtmystium, Voivod etc.) in 2017 at Big Band Sound in Los Angeles, Mutant Flesh features contributions also by saxophone legend Bruce Lamont (Yakuza, Corrections House) and is already slated to become a classic dark goth/horror punk opera of our times.

Deth Crux spawned from the L.A. underground, debuting in 2015 with their now classic Pears of Anguish demo tape, released that year by underground tape label T(R)APE. The demo tape was met with much acclaim, stirring up quite a buzz and going quickly sold out as the band was already being hailed as a rising promise in US deathrock. In the wake of the tape's success the band spent the ensuing months writing new music and then booked studio time with famed sound engineer and fellow Buried at Sea bandmate Sanford Parker to record what would become their shapeshifting and tumultuous debut album Mutant Flesh.

Though their sound is easily recognizable as descending from the gloom and decadence of iconic UK bands like Bauhaus, Sisters of Mercy, and Fields of the Nephilim, as well as from legendary US deathrock deviants Christian Death, Deth Crux are all but an easy band to pin down, mostly due to their mutating and chameleon-like approach to post-punk, where beauty and ugliness, seduction and perversion, dream and nightmare interchange constantly and construct the foundation of their sound within a framework of profound dualism and ambiguity. What sets the band most apart from their gothic rock contemporaries however is their highly personal and unique aesthetic inspired and influenced by the many and darkest faces of their city of origin, Los Angeles, which the band have meticulously distilled to re-paint their home city upside down and inside out, exaggerating its dystopian traits and turning it into a primal force of inspiration for the music and lyrics. The result is a staggering audio-visual experience where the aforementioned musical influences are set against a backdrop of urban chaos and decadence, glamour, sex, perversion, seduction, death, and body horror, and then stirred into a blood-soaked and hallucinating rock and roll horror story about deviated and once-human beings aimlessly and erratically populating and roaming a damned neon hellscape.

Mutant Flesh has been featured abundantly leading up to its release with tracks premiered by Indy Metal Vault, Last Rites, and No Clean Singing, and with the full album finally premiered in full this week by CVLT Nation.

Mutant Flesh is set to be released on December 7 2018 on tape and vinyl in the US by Sentient Ruin, on vinyl in the EU by legendary Italian crust punk label Agipunk's goth subsidiary Legion of the Damned, and on CD by Italian dark metal label Aural Music.

Long live the Mutant Flesh!

AYYUR: Tunisian Black Metal Trio Unleash Tenebrous Comeback MLP: Tracks Premiered at Decibel Magazine and Metal Injection.

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Sentient Ruin is honored to release the long awaited comeback effort by enigmatic North African black metal unit AYYUR. The Lunatic Creature MLP is scheduled for a US vinyl/tape release through Sentient Ruin, and a CD/EU vinyl release through Vendetta Records.

Birthed at the very edge of the Mediterranean where the Western world and Europe die and dissolve leaving pace to an ancient and inscrutable frontier land of lost history and arcane mystery, Tunisian black metal enigma AYYUR re-surface after a lengthily slumber with The Lunatic Creature, a new MLP of soul-tearing atmospheric black metal shrouded in malevolent mysticism and superbly impenetrable atmospheres.

On this new offering the North African band is aided on drums by former Deathspell Omega vocalist Shaxul as they channel the remote and most unspeakable lore and darkest history of their land to summon a black metal specter of distant and magnificently wretched esotericism. With soaring mid-tempo progressions reminiscent of MGLA or Drudkh, dense and haunting atmospheres akin to those found in the most mystical fringe of atmospheric USBM, and moods of unparalleled hermetism and isolationism, Ayyur have distilled the very essence of their fringe and cast away existence cut away from the familiarity of the Western world to create a black metal construct of ghastly remoteness and of entrancing mysticism.

Vendetta Records and Sentient Ruin release The Lunatic Creature on November 30 2018 and introductory samples of the work have been already provided by Decibel Magazine and Metal Injection.

AYYUR - The Lunatic Creature

1. Lugubrious Fields
2. The Outcast
3. The Lunatic Creature
4. He Who Dwells in the Trenches

Ayyur started as a one man concept in 2007 by the will of Angra Mainyu in Tunsia, and several session members have taken part in the project over the years, but the band's true nature remains elusive, its exotic and remote existence shrouded in mystery, and its essence to this day an ominous enigma which has faded in and out of human memory. Although exact information about the project cannot be found, Mainyu appears to be the only certain constant member throughout the project's history, and 2018 has been chosen by Mainyu as the year of AYYUR's return. To this end, he has summoned the aid of mysterious entity Dagon, and obtained the alliance of former Deathspell Omega member Shaxul to incarnate his vision as a recording three piece and complete AYYUR's return, embodied as an unholy blood oath to serve and nurture black metal in its most uncompromising and feral form.

The result of AYYUR's long in the works awakening is a dark, solemn, and twisted work which glorifies black metal's most tumultuous and ravenous traits, while allowing its exotic and remote nature to leave its mark on the music and make it one with its birthplace, blessing a blood-soaked alliance made in equal parts of traditional and cold black metal nihilism, obscure spiritualism, and remote and isolationist hermitism.

CAVICVLA: Italian Dark Ambient Demon Readies Release of Incredible Debut Album “sermons” - Tracks Premiered at Invisible Oranges and Indy Metal Vault.


Sentient Ruin is absolutely ECSTATIC to unveil the debut offering by Italian Dark Ambient enigma CLAVICVLA, with all formats officially dropping on November 23 2018 and pre-ordeable now on our store and Bandcamp.

We’re honored and proud to bring you an aural and sensorially devastating experience like nothing else. A masterpiece of infernal aural terror which expands the mind - stretching it to its inevitable death and dissolution - and which paralyses the flesh. Italian one-man dark ambient/death industrial demon Clavicvla seamlessly blends the obsidian immensity of Lustmord and the wretched mantras of Trepaneringsritualen to unleash forty minutes of dismal and infernal atmospherics, drowning the listener into a formless and hallucinatory sonic void of utter dread and of unparalleled darkness. With inhuman and monstrous sub-bass frequencies, diabolical atmospheres, and black hole-sized drones, throughout these five tracks the listener will be transported to an otherwordly and remote realm lost somewhere at the edge of existence, where the boundaries between nightmare and reality begin to blur and dissolve, revealing a world beyond of absolutely omnipotent and boundless demonic enormity.

Indy Metal Vault has premiered the track μισανθρωπία και διαστροφή (“Misanthropy and Perversion”) with their writer calling Sermons “one of the most genuinely unsettling albums I’ve ever heard”. You can checkout their feature HERE.

Shortly after Invisible Oranges premiered the diabolical cut Ma stating that “on his upcoming full-length Sermons, Clavicvla aims at channelling abstract (and, to these ears, abject) horror. This isn’t Lovecraft’s cosmic horror; what awaits listeners on Sermons isn’t tentacles and psychological torment, but something entirely unknowable and altogether more frightening.” You can read their feature and hear the track HERE.


1. Beelzebub Invocat
2. Ma
3. Invertio Trasfiguratio
4. μισανθρωπία και διαστροφή
5. Abstratio Diaboli

Sentient Ruin kindly asks you on behalf of its creator to experience Clavicvla’s music in its intended and most appropriate setting: in total darkness, and at maximum volume possible, ideally through an audiophile sound source. Total darkness and volume are the only two external factors necessary to complete Ittiel’s design, the other being the music he created, so to dismantle your mind and will. Together, they are one, and you are the only vessel to the whole. Let it lead you to the whole.

Vinyl: pitch black black vinyl housed in a custom fold-over cover + insert silkscreened with metallic golden and silver Pantone on heavy charcoal black cardstock. Only 200 made, download card inside.

Tapes: Come with a custom j-card silkscreened with metallic gold and silver Pantones on heavy charcoal black cardstock, and black shells printed with dual metallic gold/silver imprint. The case is housed in a custom silkscreened slipcase also printed with silver and gold metallic pantones, with a flood of metallic silver satanic writing inside. Only 150 made, a Sentient Ruin online shop exclusive - will not be distroed or available anywhere else. Download card inside.

Conceived by Italian black metal artist Ittiel, unholy dark ambient / death industrial abomination Clavicvla represents the artist's moral, spiritual, corporal, and human dissolution, and his transition from his initial artistic earthly form into immaterial and full-fledged abstract horror, to mirror the newly acquired reflection of himself - the transition itself triggered by Ittiel's morbid and sanity-defying fascination with satanism, acosmism, and the cult of death. Clavicvla as such was formed as a ritual vessel, to disintegrate and transition Ittiel's physical existence itself from the corporal world to pure dread and emptiness. Ittiel has stated that he puts together the sounds of Clavicvla to dismantle and annihilate his corporal self in an attempt to embrace, and become one with, the absolute void, and break the endless loop of life and death by instead derailing existence into senseless chaos and entropy. As such Clavicvla is for Ittiel liberation of consciousness, to assume his true and perceived form, bound by nothing and shaped solely by his own unbeing.

BLACK EARTH: Debut LP from Spanish Black Noise Sorcerers Sees First Ever Vinyl Release.


We’re proud to finally announce the release of Black Earth’s incredible debut LP A Cryptic Howl of Morbid Truth for the first time ever on vinyl. The limited edition black LP will be officially released on November 9 2018 in collaboration with cult extreme experimental Spanish label Bestiarie and is now pre-ordeable on our store and Bandcamp.

Spanish ritual black ambience/terror electronics sorcerers Black Earth originally released A Cryptic Howl of Morbid Truth in 2015 on tape through US underground tape label Graceless Recordings, long before Sentient Ruin issued their most recent second MLP Diagrams of a Hidden Order. Now this monstrous behemoth of sublime ritualistic aural cacophony finally assumes its ultimate form as a 12” LP of black vinyl housed in a single pocket jacket with printed inner sleeves. On a A Cryptic Howl of Morbid Truth Black Earth unravel over forty minutes of shapeshifting, ghastly, and colossal sound sculpting, constructing before the listener an hallucinatory and blood freezing chasm of slithering drones, spectral orchestrations and wretched electronics that ravage the senses. Weaving black metal, drone, dark ambient, harsh noise, and ritual atmospherics, with this monstrous debut album Black Earth have crossed thresholds unknown in ritual ambient invocations, laying the foundations for a new realm of sensorial sonic abuse and instantly proving themselves as being one of the most visionary and striking entities in modern dark metal and ritual ambience electronics.

Featuring a coalition of members both coming from the Spanish black/death underground, (specifically from bands like Suspiral and Sheidim) and from the Spanish noise/soundscaping and electronic ambient scene, Black Earth are perhaps the absolute leaders in Spain when it comes to metallic ambient noise electronics. Their backgrounds collide in black earth with the vigor and apocalyptic force of a collapsing star, birthing audial entities of a ghastly, inhuman, and otherworldly form. Deeply rooted both in ritual noise and in the most deformed and twisted strains of black metal, these Spanish audial terrorism shamans have unified the worlds of extreme metal and experimental electronics with unseen mastery and glorious perfectionism.