Alaric (who feature members of stalwart Bay Area long running acts like Noothgrush, Cross-Stitched Eyes, and Pins of Light) began their voyage in 2008 with an eye toward creating moody and compelling music unlike any other, that would seamlessly sew together a daunting sonic arabesque made of desolate and heart-splitting deathrock, gloomy and drooping post-punk, and a tension and hopelessness akin only to certain moods found in the most disinheriting doom metal aesthetics. Beginning with influences from such progenitors as Killing Joke and Christian Death to the darkest, heaviest punk bands and the most epic psychedelia, the band has dedicated itself to creating a singularly shadowy electric guitar-driven music. Proclaimed Zero Tolerance Magazine of their self-titled debut, “Morbid, threatening, and obsidian… Album of the Year by a long shot." In a review of the band’s split with Atriarch, Cvlt Nation wrote, “…one experiences an immersion in watery black textures as if drawn welcomingly into a drowning, slowly swirling, abyss.” Alaric’s previous releases include their debut single Animal/Shadow Of Life (FYBS/ Buried In Hell Records, 2010) and the aforementioned, self-titled LP (20 Buck Spin, 2011) and split 12” LP, with Atriarch (20 Buck Spin, 2012).