Begotten in chaos and speaking an abject language that hides the secrets of the great truth beyond the lies of the material world. Beyond the present, beyond the past. Feasting the survival of the old knowledge beyond history and the putrid path of mankind. Riding the tiger along Kali Yuga. A serpent crawls along the birthing womb of a nebulous sun. Labyrinths of broken mirrors trace the path to its utterly devoured glare. Endlessly superimposed patterns of blazing shades that cloak the matrix of unconsciousness. Blind visions of a mutilated light. Revealed images of a chaos spawned geometry, diagrams of a hidden order...

Featuring a coalition of members both coming from the Spanish black/death underground, (specifically from bands like Suspiral and Sheidim) and from the Spanish noise/soundscaping and electronic ambient scene, Black Earth are perhaps the absolute leaders in Spain when it comes to metallic ambient noise electronics. Their backgrounds collide in Black Earth with the vigor and apocalyptic force of a collapsing star, birthing audial entities of a ghastly, inhuman, and otherworldly form. Deeply rooted both in ritual noise and in the most deformed and twisted strains of black metal, these Spanish audial terrorism shamans have unified the worlds of extreme metal and experimental electronics with unseen mastery and glorious perfectionism

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