NOVAE MILITIAE: 2017 Crushing Sophomore Album by French Black Metal Miscreants Sees Tape and Vinyl Release.

We are proud to finally issue the vinyl and tape release of French black metal abomination Novae Militiae's 2017 sophomore album Gash’khalah originally released on CD by Goathorned Prods. The Gatefold 2LP (coreleased by Argento Records in the EU) and limited edition cassette tape are now available for purchase on our store and Bandcamp.

Evil, blasphemous, hideous, and utterly horrific, on their sophomore LP this mysterious French black metal entity summon total armageddon. In strict adherence to France's infamous tradition of birthing the most heinous and fucked black metal imaginable, Gash’khalah does not disappoint, spewing forth a wretched swarm of otherworldly aural annihilation that engulfs the listener like a blaze. In an attempt to harness complete and unadulterated ruin, on Gash’khalah Novae Militiae meticulously unravel almost an hour of vile and blasphemous sonic trauma that paints a picture of absolutely daunting horror. Through a sapient and unorthodox interweaving of unsettling atmospheres, deviant religious commentary, warped and disorienting instrumental passages, and an absolutely crushing delivery, Gash’khalah's hideous silhouette takes shape through the same realms of ruin and torment that have birthed masterpieces by other similar French black metal aberrations like Aosoth, Deathspell Omega, Antaeus, etc.

Mysterious, recluse, and hermetically obscure, as is in the proudest French black metal tradition, Novae Militiae are sonic miscreants of the most vile and unholy form. Nothing is known about the band, their origins, intents, nor the members that form it. As such Novae Militiae are one of those rare cases these days in which the music truly is the only thing that speaks, and indeed it does speak in a mysterious and ominous tongue, from a place of immeasurable malevolence. As in their peers like Deathspell Omega, Novae Militiae spew forth a chaotic deluge of utter destruction which obsessively deals with theological themes from a deconstructive standpoint, aiming at empirically tearing down every holy notion embraced by man and mocking it in blasphemous carnage. Through a sonic framework of apocalyptically violent compositions, otherworldly atmospheres, and surreal commentary about the mockery and utter ridicule that is the theological realm of men, Novae Militiae have created a blood-soaked sonic armageddon that is drenched in utmost hatred for the human race and all its false and empty idols.

PETRIFICATION: Portland Death Metal Orcs Unveil Butchering Debut Album - Videos Premiered at Metal Injection and Revolver.


Bastard old school death metal orcs Petrification return with their gruesomely bludgeoning debut full-length album - Hollow of the Void , set to be released on April 23rd 2018 through Sentient Ruin (US vinyl/tape), Memento Mori (worldwide CD), Dawnbreed Records (EU vinyl/tape), and To The Death Records (EU vinyl co-release). 

On Hollow of the Void the Petrification unleash a lawless legion of pummeling and brain-eating riffs designed to annihilate the listener and wreck havoc upon their flesh. Through these eleven new cuts of decaying brutality and mental abuse, the Portland death metal butchers unleash a barrage of classically gruesome and traditionally repulsive death metal chaos that worships directly at the rotting altar of legends Autopsy, Nihilist, Grave, Convulse, Funebre, Grave etc., while also setting their footmark as a visionary and ambitious entity all of their own, set on a path of total visual and sonic self-determination within the most liminal realms of absurd death metal de(con)struction.

Petrification had set them selves instantly aside as something special and unique straight from their beginnings. When we released their debut demo Summon Horrendous Destruction last year people instantly connected to their absurd and meticulous visual style and personal formula of musically regressed/aesthetically evolved death metal, with the cassette tapes going sold out within days, and the following 7" disappearing just as quick.

With a visual artist of the caliber of vocalist Jason Barnett, and with some of Portlands most gifted shredders within their ranks (mastermind behind Cursed Death visuals), it was inevitable that Petrification would instantly rise above the pack. Summon Horrendous Destruction introduced a band to the world which musically and visually left no stone unturned, and pushed the envelope of death metal in every possible way while also worshipping and cherishing its most visceral and ancestral roots. Today, Hollow of the Void will fully shows the world the true breadth and scope of Petrification's gruesome and glorious old school death metal and of their unique sonic and visual aesthetics that the band blends seamlessly to devastating effects. All you need to do is take a look at the two mind-bending music videos the band created on their own and which Metal Injection and Revolver Magazine premiered HERE and HERE respectively - two fine examples of the band's unquestionable audio-visual superiority among their peers. 

It becomes superfluous to say that visionary artist and vocalist Jason Barnett has taken his visual skills to the next level on this new release and debut LP offering of his menacing death metal machine, presenting the world with a CD, tape and LP presentation which is absolutely glorious, gruesome, unique, and beautiful in every possible way and packed with stunning imagery from his hallucinatory paintings wrapped in colorful graphics. Limited black vinyl will be available, or standard white vinyl and/or purple/green splatter vinyl as well through Sentient Ruin (US), or through To The Death Records and Dawnbreed Records cooperatively (EU). The casse tape will come in the US from Sentient Ruin as well, and from Dawnbreed in the EU, while the CD will be handled worldwide by Memento Mori.

Hollow of the Void will drop on April 23 as one of our most anticipated releases of the year, and pre-orders for tapes, digital, and LPs are now active on our store and Bandcamp.

ASSUMPTION: Italian Death-Doom Sorcerers Unveil Absolutely Colossal Debut Album - Track Premiered at No Clean Singing.


We are extremely honored and proud to present you with the release of Abscondidus, by Italian death-doom behemoths Assumption.

Assumption return with their otherworldly debut LP - once again dragging the listener to a warped and hallucinatory twilight zone lost at the edge of the cosmos. Within the crushing vastness of these three colossal songs the listener will feel the weight of omnipotent emptiness pushing them down toward the singularity where they are slowly pulled apart by invisible tidal forces before they decay into nothingness.

The first taste of total cosmic death has been unveiled by No Clean Singing, who have premiered album opener Liberation, calling the track "haunting, hallucinatory, and horrific" - check out the feature and listen HERE.

Assumption are an enigmatic Italian extreme metal duo devoted to the meticulous unravelling of grandiose and slow-moving dirges of colossal death-doom. The band was formed around 2011 by two fixture figures in Italian extreme metal hailing from such bands as Haemophagus, Gravesite, Stasis, Undead Creep, Morbo etc. Upon conception the duo set out to write desolating and majestic death/doom metal entwined with mind-expanding psychedelic passages that would place the listener at the center of a vacuous and hallucinatory realm of collapsing existence and omnipotent emptiness, conjuring the same surreal and otherworldly atmospheres and moods as seen in legendary progenitors of the genre like diSEMBOWELMENT, early Esoteric or Thergothon. After their suffocating debut demo tape/CD Mosaic of the Distant Dominion saw the light in 2012, Assumption followed up two years later unleashing in 2014 an undisputed masterpiece in the genre, the monstrously colossal and bludgeoning The Three Appearances CD (released on Terror from Hell Records) now hailed by many as one of the best examples of extreme death/doom of the last years. Plans for a vinyl release of the devastating MLP never materialized but the band carried forth in their sonic exploration of outer realms of existence reconvening soon after to write and record their most majestic and soul-disintegrating opus to date - the colossal three-track LP Absconditus

With incredible art by Lauri Laaksonen of Desolate Shrine fame Absconditus will see the light on April 20 2018 through Sentient Ruin in the US (cassette), and Everlasting Spew Records in the EU (CD). The vinyl release is scheduled from both labels for a late summer release, while cassettes can be pre-ordered now on our store or Bandcamp.

CULT OF EXTINCTION: German One-Man Black/Death Aberration Reveals Debut Demo/EP - Track Premiered at Metal Injection.

Nuclear-born and flesh-tearing war metal decimation from Germany. Cult of Extinction's debut demo tape/7" is a bludgeoning sonic weapon that has taken the mindless and lawless black/death/grind savagery fusion of war metal and dragged into a hellish trudge of crushing downtuned hostility. Throughout these absurd and castigating thirteen minutes of lawless sonic terror, the listener will be fighting for their life to try and dodge the senseless barrage of chaos and destruction summoned by Cult of Extinction to completely annihilate and eradicate their existence.

Get a glimpse into the sonic armageddon of Cult of Extinction courtesy of Metal Injection who are now streaming the the first track from the EP. You can listen to the Gazing Upon the Eternal Throne of Death and read their feature HERE.

Vinyl 7"s and cassette tapes for Black Nuclear Magick Attack officially release on March 30 2018 and you can now pre-order both along with digital products on our store and Bandcamp.

Elusive and recluse german multi instrumentalist Void is the sole entity behind the unholy war metal abomination Cult of Extinction. With songs written in complete seclusion, home-recorded and completely DIY Cult of Extinction is an aberrant breeding ground for the most horrid sonic destruction. Within its bluedgeonig, chaotic, and lawless songs one can hear the godless wrath of bands like Revenge, Temple Nightside, Nuclearholocaust, and Blasphemy being taken to a whole new extreme as speeds approach imploding points and the crushing low end of insanely downtuned guitars and bass develops into a bellowing and howling vacuum of utter destruction, conceived with the sole aim of achieving total aural decimation, by any means necessary.