Formed by members of raw punk pedal abusing miscreants Hadals and Japanese Women, and gravitating around the world of cult underground tape label Tapes Of A Neon god, Calques is an industrial/noise/punk/raw black metal band formed in 2016 in Montgomery, Alabama. Begotten within the crushing mental oppression of a decaying southern town, Calques decided to embrace what they most despised and use it as a weapon to summon total aural war and face their most crushing miseries. Playing lo-fi black metal filtered through lurid and demented noise rock riffs and a vile shroud of harsh noise, Calques’ music is the sound of failure and of outcasts - of the deprived pushed into the red and their torment then channeled through the cheapest recording devices possible with the worst instruments available. Calques’ music is the sound of trying to bypass self reflection and failing, of hissing static, and of deviant punk riffs with no glory, no posturing or sleek production anywhere in sight, and with no grandiose atmospheric melodies even hinted at. All you get from Calques is the misery and oppression, the shortcomings, the failures, the ugliness, and the unappealing blight of the southern reality vomited on you through a swarm of shattered glass, mangled nerves, and razor wire.