Some bands are heavy, and then, there is Funerary. In its mere two-year existence the young sludge-doom band from Arizona has showcased a hostility towards life and a heaviness in elaborating its spiteful mastery that are almost impossible to quantify or define. The band's ascent to the throne of american extreme doom is not only apparent, but also seemingly unstoppable, and the key to their power lies in the desperation, cruelty, and abyssal depth that drives their music. Funerary's music is capable of carving craters in one’s mind, and of creating a vacuum of misery in the soul of anyone who is unfortunate enough to cross their path. They can open voids into one's existence with their crushing music and can drain a person of all hope and strip them of humanity with a single riff. As the band's name appropriately describes, Funerary’s music is something that speaks in the language of complete human annihilation and of total death. Life is choked at the roots in Funerary's watched world, all light is banished, and all hopes to regain one's humanity after encountering their plague-ridden music are shattered by the band under a dismal meteor shower of colossal and obliterating riffs and of frighteningly anti-human soundscapes. Behold, one of the heaviest bands to ever tread US soil.

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