Lower your head. Salem OR's implausibly heavy extreme doom destroyers HELL need no more introductions. With their 2016 Roadburn appearance the band has fully entered the Olympus of today's extreme metal's most driving forces, and is set to further establish its dominance as one of the most imaginative, destructive and visionary doom metal bands to have ever tread US soil. HELL is, and likely will forever be, the brainchild of sole mastermind M.S.W., a Salem, Oregon-based musician who's been the sole and constant driving force behind the project. M.S.W. writes, and, records every single HELL album on his own, working constantly in complete seclusion and letting his imagination and emotions run free. What is created is a monolithic chasm of despair and dread that is boundless in its astounding enormity. With tunings so low to resemble complete collapse, speeds that slow down to a state of hallucinating agony, and atmopsheres of unparalleled dread and misery, HELL's music has always been more a sort of mystical experience than mere listening one. M.S.W.'s music is one that touches emotional levels that barely seem real they are so deep, all while dwelling in an atonality, destructiveness, and immanent level of chaos and devastation that barely seem plausible they are so extreme and exaggerated. What separates the band from its peers however is not only the sheer tonnage and lightless crush depth of its appallingly crushing music, but its unusual work/functioning ethic which is unique among such revered and reckoned entities as HELL is. M.S.W.'s total refusal of any convenient mainstream support or of any significant label backup has in fact placed the band in a realm entirely of its own, where a strong DIY ethic mixed with a firm sense of renouncement toward the outside world, have moved HELL within the boundaries of an hermetic artistic shadow zone of pure and unhinged self-expression and of unfiltered self-determination.

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