Listen as the oscillations rattle your ears and crawl under your skin. If life is the waiting room to hell, then this is the bellowing sounds encapsulating every molecule in the room. Conceptualized by Greg Wilkinson, owner-engineer of Eearhammer Studios in Oakland (known for recording, mixing and mastering bands such as Graves At Sea, Asunder, Pallbearer, High On Fire, Noothgrush, Necrot, Vastum, Brainoil, Iron Lung, Lechereous Gaze, Lycus, and many more over the past 12 years), current member of Brainoil and Deathgrave, and former member of Laudanum, Graves At Sea, and I Will Kill You Fucker, as well as many other projects, Leather Glove is a grim sonic tapestry of pure oppression. The project spawned in Oct 2014 as a recording experiment with a goal to achieve a collection of songs that counter the common production values in modern metal recordings known for punchy, scooped, and clear tones. An antithesis being deep tones, too much mid range, B standard tuning, low vocals, big drum shells and anything else that would make death metal mixing difficult. Oppressive, grotesque, filthy, uncomfortable, and slightly sleazy while remaining intelligible and letting the music speak for itself was the end desired effect. Greg's debut offering as Leather Glove, the "Skin On Glass" demo is twelve plus minutes of thick textures incorporating elements from d-beat, doom, sludge, and noise rock all smashed through a death metal filter if played on a slow record player. While sounding nothing like the inspirations for this release, a few main derivatives you may detect are: tempos akin to Coffins, grossness and deep tones of Undergang, grooves of Brainoil, and repeating chromatic phrases with delayed guitars inspired by Zeni Geva and Swans. To rhythmically make this possible, Chad Galey, famed drummer for power house bands Necrot, Atrament, and Rude clobbered the skins while Greg filled all other layers, recored, mixed and mastered at Earhammer studio in 2014.