Leucosis took form on the unsuspecting shores of sunny Santa Cruz, California, when elusive guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Jeff Lynn put his recluse solo ambient black metal project Gaze to rest, and from its ashes summoned Leucosis when he joined forces with drummer Jacob and a revolving door of live and studio contributors and the project began assuming a somewhat human and collaborative band form. Heavily influenced by iconic underground shadow dwellers like Darkspace, Weakling, Leviathan, and early Ulver, Leucosis’ early incarnation soon started to coalesce like dark matter encircling a famished black hole, fueled by visions of rebirth through the ashes of mankind’s collapse and by an inescapable pull toward the complete annihilation of every atom within the human sphere of existence. In the following months two towering and soul-ravaging full-lengths were self-recorded and released by the band (the debut album “Pulling Down the sky” and the monstrous an now iconic self-titled LP) along with a massive two song-EP (the mind-bending “III”), and a handful of shows were played around their native Santa Cruz area until the band started to fade away and get sucked unexplainably back into the twilight that had birthed it. From then Leucosis has tried to exist on the plane of human existence but its innate collapsing and self-devouring nature has inevitably made the band’s tangible form fall back into the abyss, disintegrating, and making it regress once again to mere shadow-form, living on the edge of an immaterial void where existence is permanently shattered and disavowed. In its three-four years existing as an actual band Leucosis littered the underground with some of the most visionary and twisted atmospheric black metal tapes and LPs to have ever been conceived by human mind (all of which also sold out in a matter of hours), and those lucky enough to have witnessed the exceptionally rare occasions in which the band played live refer to experience as a mezmerizing and unforgettable. Today the duo that makes up Leucosis exists solely as a sensorial existence, as if the project has found its final form and ultimate destination and dimension within everyone’s subconscious and everyone’s most remote fears and paranoias. The band craft songs to get lost into and in which to disintegrate one self, and reject ones human form, nature, and existence in a swarming superstructure of omnipotent sensorial chaos that knows no boundary nor end.

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