Mind Mold is a newborn experimental blackened doom metal band from Calgary Alberta, Canada, featuring current and former members of WAKE, Seminary, and countless others. Influenced chiefly by American metal from the 1990s, but also from a wellspring of alternative and contrasting sources. Decades spent in vans and basements inspired a hearty respect for work ethic and grit but a reverence for the art beneath the grind. Mind Mold is an effort to bridge the two - the spontaneity of Les Automatistes, of Burning Witch, and Goatsblood with the fervent dedication and steadfast rumble of Thomas Pyncheon or Deadguy. Their debut self-titled recording will be released on tape and digital by Sentient Ruin, along with the announcements of their first ever North American tour dates. Suffocating self-doubt is a shackle worth breaking. "The torture will end."