ALTARS | Altars

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ALTARS | Altars


Release date: August 24 2018
Catalog: SRUIN050
Genre: Death Metal
Format: demo/EP
Versions: 7" | Digital
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Still available in the US from Dead Tank.

45RPM. Limited black or standard clear orange vinyl available. The 7" comes housed in a black heavy cardstock cover and insert printed with copper metallic spot color inks. 

On their debut demo/EP 7" mysterious San Jose CA-based aural terrorists Altars spew forth a firestorm of bludgeoning grinding death metal terror which effortlessly succeeds in completely and gruesomely dismantling the listener in under ten minutes. With guitars as thick as concrete, atmospheres of utmost hatred, and a steamrolling rhythm section, Altars bring to mind the glory and hostile supremacy of historic UK death-grind like Benediction, early Carcass and Bolt Thrower while also vomiting on the listener a barrage of utter malignancy and of dark and twisted atmospheres akin to those of bands like Pseudogod and Lvcifyre.

Digital download included with the purchase of physical copies.
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