DECOHERENCE | Decoherence

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DECOHERENCE | Decoherence


Release date: April 5 2019
Catalog: SRUIN086
Genre: Black Metal
Format: EP
Versions: 7" | Digital
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Vinyl 7” still available from Midheaven or Season of Mist.

Extremely curated and limited 7", only 200 made: all clear red vinyl with black centerpieces housed in a custom foldable cover + insert made of blood red cardstock silkscreened with black ink. Download card and hype sticker included. 

On their short but immense debut 7” EP multinational ambient/atmospheric black metal duo Decoherence re-evoke the vastness and obsidian enormity of bands like Blut Aus Nord and Darkspace, blending industrial coldness with haunting and alien guitar soundscapes, crossing a previously unexplored and remote threshold of total cosmic black metal annihilation.

Digital download included with the purchase of physical copies.
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