PSEUDOCOMMANDO | A Home Beneath the Floorboards


PSEUDOCOMMANDO | A Home Beneath the Floorboards


Release date: August 9 2019
Catalog: SRUIN102
Genre: Harsh Noise/Power Electronics
Format: Full-Length album
Versions: Cassette Tape | Digital
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Ltd. edition official reissue of Pseudocommando's sold out debut cassette "A Home Beneath the Floorboards", only 100 units made. Slightly revised j-card design compared to the original, and completely redone cassette design featuring paper labels on crystal clear shells. This new Sentient Ruin version also features the two hidden tracks from the original tape also on the digital version.

From Wikipedia: "In forensic psychiatry, the term 'pseudocommando' has been used to describe mass murderers who commit premeditated murder-suicide mass killings driven by revenge fantasies, typically involving the stockpiling of weapons followed by a heavily armed commando-style attack. They typically see their actions through a narcissistic lens as being morally justified in revenge against their unfair treatment by an uncaring world, and wish to ‘go out in a blaze of glory’".

Transcendence through aural defilement. Los Angeles based harsh noise/power electronics terrorist Pseudocommando takes the genre into completely uncharted waters, adding a terrifying sense of compositional ambition and of deliberate urgency to its scathing wall of blunt force audial trauma, making for an exquisitely elitarian and quite unseen listening experience. Within the hour long full frontal sonic assault on the senses, Pseudocommando’s controlled demolition of the listener progresses and is slowly built and anticipated with unseen lucidly and awareness, taking a number of unexpected turns for the absolute worst as the songs progress deeper into immateriality engaging and challenging the listener's expectations at multiple levels and moving them closer to the event horizon of all conceivable sanity. Soon, as the sonic singularity is approached beyond which no return can be attempted, the album mutates into a horrifying chain reaction which can not be stopped as the sonic pandemonium unleashed enters an unstable point of no return state and initiates a critical mass where the listener is trucidated blindly and disintegrated in the most brutal, chaotic, mindless, and inefficient way possible.

Digital download included with the purchase of physical copies.
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