VESSEL OF INIQUITY | Void of Infinite Horror


VESSEL OF INIQUITY | Void of Infinite Horror

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Release date: January 25 2019
Catalog: SRUIN077
Genre: Black/Death Metal, Noise
Format: full-length
Versions: Cassette Tape | LP | Digital
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LP details: standard transparent Sea Blue vinyl, or limited black vinyl, heavy black cardstock insert silkscreened with pantone metallic silver ink, pantone metallic silver elements on the jacket front and back, download card. 

Ritual black/death invocation. Terror noise-metal aimed at disintegrating one’s being and entire existence through the sheer force of hell in audial form. British one-man sonic extermination entity Vessel of Iniquity returns with its harrowing sophomore LP. Within these five new jagged wounds of deconstructed and malformed sonic terror, mastermind A. White has taken his horrific strain of noise-infested black/death decimation to new and absolutely implausible heights of aural insanity. “Void of Infinite Horror" is an abominable, twisted, and horrific mosaic of modern and visionary extreme metal which has once again managed to violently coerce together the grandiose and bludgeoning sonic warfare of black/death bands like Teitanblood and Impetuous Ritual, and the massacring industrial noise scarifications of entities like Gnaw Their Tongues, Sutekh Hexen, and Abruptum.

Digital download included with the purchase of physical copies.
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