In the realm of extreme and otherworldly sounds, few entities have reached the peaks of cacophony and sonic disintegration touched by Bay Area blackened noise cult miscreants Sutekh Hexen. The ultra-prolific black noise sorcerers from Oakland have thus far amassed, in less than five years of existence, a massive discography that touches depths of endarkenment and musical disembodiment that are almost impossible to understand. With releases being put out on cult labels like Magic Bullet, Cold Spring, Handmade Birds and Black Horizons, Sutekh Hexen have established them selves as absolute leaders in the realm of avantgarde ritualistic black metal and (un)sacred industrial/ambient/noise manifestations. Every release by the Oakland combo has been a stepping stone of sorts, showing an incredibly evolving trajecotry in their endless and ever-morphing vomiting of sublime cacophony, and displaying an array of influences and of ways of layering sound that make the band seem completely otherworldly. Like a smoldering, buzzing, hissing and screaming void of monstrous and unshackled chaos, Sutekh Hexen have been (along with their peers Gnaw Their Tongues, BLSPHM, Wold, Theologian, Murmuüre, Thisquietarmy etc.) the authors of some of the most uncompromising, scorching, spectral, and visionary ambient black metal ever put to tape.

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