Hailing from Bielefeld, North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany, Unru are among the strongest and most vital entities in modern day European blackened crust. Unru have taken the precious lesson taught by forefathers His Hero Is Gone, Madame Germen and Iskra and have run with it into an abyss of black metal-plagued sonic misery, seamlessly drowning the two genres in a blurred disfiguration of rage and malevolence. Having debuted with one of the most mesmerizing and soul-shattering demos of 2013, and having then followed up with splits with Paramnesia and Sun Worship, Unru have been set since their inception on a full-frontal quest for total sonic obliteration, crafting music that in its masterful, sweeping, and levitating interweaving of crust punk and black metal has shown it self to be an authentic abyss of shadows - a frightening sonic mosaic of disembodied visions and of complete aural torment. Brilliantly blending the icy and lifeless atmospheres of Scandinavian black metal, and the solemn and swelling dirges of epic US "Cascadian" black metal with the fury and ferocity of crust punk, Unru have depicted a sonic landscape of absolutely stunning beauty and of completely spellbinding cruelty, that will surely please the demanding palates of fans of similar bands like Ash Borer, Skagos, Fell Voices, Celeste, Wolves in the Throne Room and the such.

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