Anyone familiar with the work of Ethan Lee McCarthy and with his current main endeavor Primitive Man, should know, or at least imagine, what this "grindcore offshoot" of his could possible sound like and be be all about. While looking back on his current and past projects, one might have guessed the basics, but the actual depth of sonic inhumanity Vermin Womb can really reach is something that stretches far beyond human comprehension. Simply put, for Vermin Womb there is no end to the suffering that can be forced upon human ears. This band knows absolutely no limit in what musical decency is. Vermin Womb will just go and on, remorselessly spewing their hateful craft until the listener's own existence itself is left laying in complete ruin and torment. Nothing shall be spared, nothing is worthy of the foul gift of life or of the laughable right to exist in Vermin Womb’s unthinkable view of the world. Everything that has been put into existence shall simply be annihilated with no question or rationality. To achieve this sonic hell on earth built by the band with the sole purpose to desecrate and annihilate the concept of "humanity”, Vermin Womb have chosen the weapons of grindcore, black and death metal and have fused them together in a bestial arsenal of auditive sonic weaponry that shall stand as one of the most inverted, wrong, and morally (and physically) unacceptable and unbearable manifestations of musical horror ever put to tape.

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