ATRAMENT: Debut Album by Blackened D-Beat Horde Out on March 4 - Track Streaming At CVLT Nation

After having given humanity a taste of their unquenchable ferocity with 2015's debut Demo MMXV, Oakland CA-based blackened d-beat butchers Atrament have now prepared to unleash the full extent of their sonic cruelty through the imminent release of debut full-length album, Eternal Downfall, a work that has raised the bar of "punk" music to a whole new level of aural atrocity and pushed the genre of crust over the edge, devouring it into unseen new extremes of darkness and heaviness. Based in Oakland, California, Atrament features current and former members of Moral VoidBlack SeptemberNecrotAbstracter and Vastum and have simply delivered the heaviest d-beat album we've heard in years. Eternal Downfall stays true to the band's hardcore punk DNA, having unmistakably taken its primary source of inspiration from british crust, anarco-punk and d-beat, but is equally influenced and disfigured by the sound and the aesthetic of the bleakest 90's Norwegian Black and of the most vile Swedish Death Metal, creating a punishing wall of aggression that never relents - something that stands between DoomBolt ThrowerAmebix, early Napalm Death, early DismemberDarkthrone, and Discharge all fused into a frightening onslaught of darkened, filthy, and pissed-off rage. Greg Wilkinson's production (Graves At Sea, Iron Lung, Noothgrush, Vastum, Pallbearer) and Brad Boatright's mastering have then pushed the sound of the band to its limit creating a low-end monster that will devour your speakers.

Boasting beautiful artwork crafted for the band by the master of visionary darkness Stephen WilsonEternal Downfall will see the light on March 4th 2016 as a limited edition cassette tape and digital product through Sentient Ruin, and as a 12" vinyl LP available in multiple color options through Broken Limbs Records (US) and Argento Records (EU).

CVLT Nation is now streaming exclusively the album's opening track - No Beyond - HERE.

A pre-order for the tape, LP and digital formats has been set up on the band's Bandcamp page.

Eternal Downfall is an absolute triumph of punk and metal hybridization, and a raging and barbaric sonic monstrosity that will delight all fans of bands like Wolfpack/Wolfbrigade, Skitsystem, Tragedy, Unkind, DisfearYoung And In The Way, Nails etc.

ATRAMENT - Eternal Downfall

Track listing:
01. No Beyond
02. Sunken Reign
03. Aberration
04. Consumed
05. Hericide
06. Wretched Apparition
07. Rotting Twilight
08. Aeon of Suffering
09. World of Ash
10. Circle of Wolves
11. Dusk Abuse

Find out more about Atrament by visiting their band page

We have previously released Atrament's debut release - Demo MMXV - check it out here.