GATEWAY: Belgian One-Man Death-Doom Monstrosity Releasing "Scriptures of Grief" on February 3 - Track Streaming at CVLT Nation.

Scriptures of Grief

01. I
02. II
03: III

Sentient Ruin is proud to announce the release of Scriptures of Grief, the colossal new album from Belgian one-man death-doom destruction machine Gateway.

Coming as limited edition cassette tape + digital product, Scriptures of Grief is a death-doom odyssey incarnated into a single twentynine minute behemoth song, split up in three separate movements to give the listener the chance to gasp for air, and is already slated to become a cornerstone release in 2017 extreme metal and one of the most crushing and inhumanly heavy underground releases of the year. 

Over the course of a handful of 100% self-produced DIY recordings sole perpetrator Robin van Oyen has established Gateway as a true passage to the underworld, just as the project's name intelligently suggests. Every recording assembled by this visionary rot-monger has been a sonic key to unlock a new door into the kingdom of the dead. Constructed upon colossal and skull-crushing progressions of ancient and mummified death metal, Gateway's music then takes shape through a harrowing time-warp of completely doomed sonic rot. Tempos collapse to an agonizing slither, rhythms seem to stretch ad infinitum transfiguring into a lucid coma, all while the sheer tonnage of every riff is fully revealed through this slow motion decay in all its putrid glory, revealing a beast whose mass and ugliness is of unparalleled magnificence.

Masterfully re-evoking the completely doomed and rotting atmospheres of legendary death-doom masters like Disembowelment, Undergang, Coffins, Winter and Thorr's Hammer, Gateway have created an authentic omnipotent sonic underworld in which death rules everything, endlessly reaching beyond the unknown like a massive and rotting black hole, and dragging every living thing to its inevitable and tormented conclusion.

Slated for a February 3 2017 release - CVLT Nation is now streaming the opening track from the record (read the article and listen to "I" HERE), calling Scriptures of Grief as an "inhumanly toxic and devastating death-doom masterpiece". 

Pre-order Scriptures of Grief cassettes on our store and cassettes and digital products on our Bandcamp.