VRTRA: Unbelievable Debut by Californian Blackened Death-Doom Behemoth Out On September 2 - Track Streaming at CVLT Nation.

My Bones Hold a Stillness

I. Perpetually Hag Ridden
II. The Cold Suffocating Dark Goes on Forever
III. My Bones Hold a Stillness

A cornerstone release of this year that has appeared virtually out of nowhere - VRTRA’s debut album My Bones Hold a Stillness is already an instant classic and a colossal achievement in 2016 extreme metal for this young and mysterious Californian blackened death-doom band that creates music of unbelievable character and unparalleled vision that can crush the listener with the force of an infernal cataclysm. Seemingly birthed in the most forbidding depths of hell, My Bones Hold a Stillness is a visionary record that evokes impossible to believe scenarios of aural torment, materialized through the construction of dismal doom treads, scathing blackened-death chaos, and unbelievably evocative and sinister atmospheric compositions. 

Formed in Sacramento CA and with its unnamed members now spread between Sacramento and San Francisco, VRTRA forge colossal songs of unimaginable darkness and of suffocating intensity. Their hell-spawned music is a nightmarish and horrific kaleidoscope of sound that seamlessly brings together the brooding wretchedness of black metal bands like Deathspell Omega, Dragged Into Sunlight, and Blut Aus Nord, the cavernous and heathen below of the blackest and most abstract death metal as seen in behemoths like Dead Congregation and Diocletian, and the abysmal moods of atmospheric doom and black metal that come straight from the teachings of bands like Neurosis, Disembowelment, WinterUnearthly Trance, and Altar of Plagues. The end result comes to life in the form of massive and swirling compositions of levitating dark matter that devour the listener in a firestorm of boundless and foreboding sonic magnificence.

Comprised of three colossal movements of oozing negativity for a total of over thirty minutes of completely abhorrent blackened death-doom chaos, VRTRA have crated an opera of abysmal imagination and of fathomless destructiveness that will delight the fine palates of all fans of bands like Dragged Into Sunlight, Primitive Man, Ulcerate, Altar of Plagues, Diocletian, PortalAbyssal, InverlochOld Man Gloom and Lord Mantis.

In streaming the track The Cold Suffocating Dark Goes on Forever, CVLT Nation has labeled the release as "one of the strongest debuts of 2016" and "ULTRA INTENSE".

My Bones Hold a Stillness was recorded at Earthtone Studios in Sacramento, CA by Pat Hills, mixed at Earhammer Studios in Oakland, CA by Greg Wilkinson, mastered at Audiosiege in Portland, OR by Brad Boatright, and features beautiful artwork layout crafted for the band by View From The Coffin. The album will be released by Sentient Ruin on as digital product + limited edition cassette tape and can now be pre-ordered on our Store or on our Bandcamp.