DSKNT: Dismal Swiss Black Metal Entity Readies Debut Album - Track Unveiled at CVLT Nation.

DSKNT mask.jpg

We are proud and honored to announce the release of PhSPHR Entropy - the debut album of mysterious Swiss black metal monstrosity DSKNT.

Hailing from Switzerland this mysterious polymorphic black metal enigma is a presumed one man operation dedicated to unearthing the most hidden and unnameable realms of sonic oppression. DSKNT is a vessel for the sole assumed mastermind of the project to conjure visions of unparalleled wretchedness, and to summon a sonic horror that barely seems graspable such its scope and depth. DSKNT is presumably the sole work of one Sinnhir, a swiss extreme metal luminary who is also thought to be involved with other Swiss extreme meal bands like Antiversum, AION, Necrosemen, and probally various others. Like most projects of this nature, there is little or almost no information about DSKNT, and Sentient Ruin was unable to confirm any other details regarding the nature and identity of the project.

PhSPHR Entropy is DSKNT's debut offering: a hermetic, polymorphic and abstract black metal nightmare exclusively glorifying and worshiping the annihilation of all existence - a colossal debut album of total avant-black mindfuckery that has taken the aesthetic of bands like Aosoth, Abigor, Deathspell Omega, and Anthaeus and deformed it and disfigured it further - creating a swarming chasm of mutated black chaos worship that pulverizes the psyche and ravages the flesh.

CVLT Nation is now exclusively streaming the track Resurgence of Primordial Void Aperture - calling DSKNT's offering an "absolutely insane debut album - complete disintegration of the soul". You can check out the song and their feature HERE

Coming on cassette through Sentient Ruin on December 4 2017, on CD through Italian extreme metal label Clavi Secretorum, and then in early 2018 on vinyl again through Sentient Ruin in the US and Babylon Doom Cult Records in the EU - PhSPHR Entropy is already slated to become one of the greatest black metal releases of the year.

2018's vinyl edition will see the album released in two different color configurations: a limited black vinyl run, along with a standard edition LP pressed on clear vinyl with a black haze. All formats can now be pre-ordered on our store or Bandcamp.