ABKEHR: German Black Metal duo prepare incredible debut release - track unveiled at CVLT Nation.


We're very pleased to announce the release of In Asche - the debut release by German black metal specter ABKEHR. CVLT Nation has just unveiled the first track from this dark and embittered masterpiece, and you can list to II and read their feature HERE.

Slithering out from the most remote crevices of the German extreme metal underworld, Abkehr's genesis appears to have been sparked by unprecedented emotional and mental collapse and by an unfathomable pull toward absolute, devouring darkness. The band formed in 2015 in Northern Germany by sole masterminds Raash and H. with the intent of unifying under the black looming star of self-disintegration the raw misanthropic grimness of the most praised Norwegian black metal tradition with the atmosphere and desperation of depressive black metal, and the swarming majesty of US atmospheric black metal. Shaped by a diverse and sapient pletora of influences ranging from Darkthrone, Gorgoroth, and Craft, to Cornigr, Mgła, and Ash Borer, Abkehr have funneled the primordial abjection and hatred of traditional black metal through a cascading surge of the most blighted and tormented human emotions, creating something grandiose and ungraspable who’s beauty is matched solely by its own omnipotent wretchedness.

With the "mini album" In Asche Abkehr explore the many manifestations of darkness, hopelessness, evil, and annihilation - condensing them into heathen sonic form to distill their very own expression of actual hell. Hideously and relentlessly crawling across four vast movements of pure incarnated darkness, In Asche is a towering and commanding work in the current underground black metal panorama, which has managed to harness the primordial savagery of bands like Craft and Judas Iscariot, the vast and enveloping hopelessness of bands like Weakling and Ash Borer, and the visionary wretchedness of brilliant black metal anomalies like Twilight and Leviathan, to create their own personal passageway into a tormented and shadow-torn world.

In Asche

1. I
2. II
3. III
4. IV

In Asche is slated for release on May 19 2017 in tape/digital formats (with an LP version to be announced soon) and is now pre-orderable on our store or Bandcamp. Keep an eye out for more tracks to be unveiled in the coming weeks.