AVERSIO HUMANITATIS: Sentient Ruin Releases Vinyl and Cassette Versions of "Longing for the Untold" Mini album - The Latest Masterpiece from Mysterious Spanish Black/Death Horde.

After a debut full-length album in 2011, and two splits in the following years, 2017 was the year that the visions and hallucinations germinating within the realm of Madrid, Spain's Aversio Humananitas really started to coalesce into otherworldly and godlike form. One can not deny the deeply "mental" and transcendental nature of this band's monstrous and gargantuan black metal, as upon first encounter the listener's senses are literally pulverized by a boundless chasm of cascading and devouring sound. Formed in the late 00s in Madrid Spain by a core and unchanged trio of mysterious locals, over the following years Aversio Humananitas' spell of conquest has seen the band slowly morph into a beast of implausible proportions and of ungraspable intents as they began to expand upon their black metal roots by embracing the ferality of the most mutated and cursed death metal. This transcendental and abhorrent metamorphosis into otherworldly sonic tyrant fully sublimated in their 2017 mini album Longing for the Untold, in which Aversio Humanitatis went from being a purely methodical and vaguely technical black metal band in the vein of Emperor, Satyricon or Abigor, to becoming something completely undefinable - shaped by the ever so apparent lineaments of an unquenchable black hole. A beast  capable of sonically harnessing the power of collapsing stars and of the very depths of hades.

Originally released on CD in early 2017, Aversio Humanitatis' tyrannical and majestic masterpiece Longing for the Untold now endures an inevitable second skin molt transforming into the true beast it was meant to become and assuming its final harrowing form as we bring you and enhanced re-release on vinyl and tape of this staggering and monumental black metal opus, now re-packaged with three bonus tracks from past splits and EPs as the B side and with new incredible artwork.

With Longing for the Untold this Spanish band has created a colossal behemoth of technically intimidating and sonically imposing progressive black metal that lunges forth toward the listener with crushing force, levitating out of solid darkness - its mass and shape monstrous and awe-inducing as it projects its monstrous silhouette against total darkness, resembling the stygian singularity of an inescapable black hole. Reminescent in style and execution to the darkened and cerebral craft of Icelandic black metal bandslike Zhrine, Svartidauði, Misþyrming, and similarly wretched black metal anomalies like Skáphe, and Deathspell Omega, and enhanced by the muscular build of dark death metal bands like Ulcerate, Abyssal, and Gorguts, Longing for the Untold more than a thing, is a place and time where the power of sound literally devours the senses turning perception into a smoldering and swarming void of sensorial awe and of transcendental sonic disintegration.

Vinyl and tapes now shipping worldwide and can be purchased on our store and Bandcamp along with digital products included.