VERWOED: Dutch Black Metal Heathens To Release Haunting Sophomore LP - Tracks Premiered at Decibel Magazine & Invisible Oranges.

Sentient Ruin is proud to bring you De Val, the magnificent new album by Dutch one-man black metal entity Verwoed. On this haunting sophomore offering the Dutch black metal specter peels back even more layers from its hideous amalgamation of atmospheric black metal bedlam, to expose incredibly dense and much more psychedelic and hallucinogenic cosmic textures than ever before, while remaining yielding in its nihilistic and violent tactics. At times twisted and disorienting, at times meditative and defiant, De Val is a sprawling demonstration of superb abstract black metal intransigence which confirms Verwoed as one of European black metal's most daring and visionary acts.

Leading up to the release Decibel Magazine has premiered the track De Kwelling van het Bestaan remarking on the album’s majestic atmospheres and uncompromising darkness, you can read the feature and hear the track HERE. Today Invisible Oranges has likewise unveiled the track Verder Van Het Licht calling De Val black metal that “will send you spiraling into the night“. You can read their feature and listen to the track HERE.

Verwoed is the brainchild Utrecht-based solo black metal artist Erik B., whom began the project as “Woudloper” in 2014. The debut Woudloper demo tape was released by Breathe Plastic to critical acclaim, showcasing the project’s dense and enveloping brand of shadow-torn black metal already fully formed and in total control of its shape and destiny. The success of the release pushed Erik B. to reconsider some aspects of his creation, and a name change to “Verwoed” soon followed to symbolize the more experimental and exploratory approach the project would undertake thereafter. The maiden official Verwoed release, Bodemloos, was released by Argento Records and brought forth three massive new movements of dense and majestic black metal that was met with even more praise than its predecessor, revealing a much more refined and layered production quality and an approach toward songwriting much more focused on atmospheres and unpredictability. With its imposing atmospheres and towering songwriting Bodemloos instantly projected Verwoed to the forefront of European black metal, and the show offers began pouring in, the interest in the band spiraling upward day after day. Assembling a live lineup, the band then took to the stage to bring Bodemloos songs live to various large European cities and playing a handful of high profile shows which included stints at the Eindhoven Metal meeting along the likes of Venom, Blasphemy, Coroner, Master's Hammer, Carpathian Forrest, and more, and then closing their staggering 2018 with an acclaimed performance at the Roadburn Festival.

De Val is slated for release on black and colored vinyl as well as digital on May 24 2019 once again through Argento Records in the EU, but with Sentient Ruin also involved finally being Verwoed’s gateway to the North American market. A tape version is also going to be available from Dutch boutique label Tartarus Tapes. You can now re-order vinyl on our store or digital/vinyl on our Bandcamp.