PSEUDOCOMMNADO: Sentient Ruin Reissues L.A. Harsh Noise/Power Electronics Act's Ear-splitting Debut Tape - Pre-orders & Full Stream Available.

From Wikipedia: "In forensic psychiatry, the term 'pseudocommando' has been used to describe mass murderers who commit premeditated murder-suicide mass killings driven by revenge fantasies, typically involving the stockpiling of weapons followed by a heavily armed commando-style attack. They typically see their actions through a narcissistic lens as being morally justified in revenge against their unfair treatment by an uncaring world, and wish to "go out in a blaze of glory".

Sentient Ruin is excited to release our first proper noise release, welcoming into our abominable family the wretched sonic bedlam of Los Angels-based harsh noise/power electronics entity Pseudocommando. Years in the planning and in the making, this first noise tape release comes after having sampled and considered hundreds of manifestations in the genre without quite ever finding the right fit for the label’s unique vision. Until today, when Pseudocommando self-released its own debut tape sending a strong signal our way that the time had finally come to step forth and make this milestone of ours happen, and that the perfect entity to work with had finally materialized.

With its debut release aptly titled A Home Beneath the Floorboards Los Angeles based harsh noise/power electronics terrorist Pseudocommando takes the genre into completely uncharted waters, adding a sense of deliberate urgency and maniacal control to its scathing wall of blunt force audial trauma; a rare sight to behold in the genre, even for its most calculating and accomplished acts as a pale presence of "songwriting" can be sensed, making the release exquisitely elitarian and unique. Unusually lengthily for a release in this genre, "A Home Beneath the Floorboards" is full-fledged staggering one hour-long full-length album release (even way too long for a 12" vinyl LP) which offers a dense, enigmatic, and multi-layered listening experience, showing unusual forms of dynamics, chromatics, and progressions in its audial frontal assault on the senses, which are at times puzzling and at times horrifying in their abhorrent lucidity. Even in this self-built and self-contained chaos-sphere of lucid aural armageddon, Pseudocommando's deliberate, calculating, and meticulously orchestrated controlled demolition of the listener however does not come without a high entropic cost and severe collateral damage. Despite its maniacal control, the project itself can not in fact fully eschew its own ungovernable nature and destiny into the ultimate unravelling chaos and entropy which has birthed it and ultimately defines it. The aforementioned controlled demolition as such eventually mutates into a chain reaction which can not be stopped as the necessary, unavoidable, and absolutely ungovernable high frequency distortion pandemonium unleashed enters an unstable point of no return state and initiates a critical mass where the listener's synapses are trucidated blindly in the most brutal, chaotic, mindless, and inefficient way possible.

While the release is, and has been for a while now, available digitally though the band’s and the label’s Bandcamp our tape reissue will begin shipping on August 9 2019 and its a much deserved format upgrade for this staggering album, as our re-issue comes on professionally dubbed and printed tapes and artwork (VS the home dubbed/printed and hand marked self-released tapes from the band’s first pressing), and will also be available in wider numbers (100 units to be exact VS the much smaller amount made available initially by the band).