ABATON & VISCERA///: "Diade(ms)" - Crushing Collaborative 7" Out on June 23 2015 - Track Streaming at CVLT Nation.

We're extremely excited and honored to announce the release of the collaborative work of two of Italy's finest, most forward-thinking and heaviest sludge/doom/post-metal bands around these days, ABATON from Forli', north-cental Italy, and VISCERA/// from Cremona, northern Italy. This 7" vinyl EP is the culmination of a long lasting friendship and of a shared vision that had been nurtured and obsessed upon by the bands in the last couple of years. Titled Diade(ms), this collaborative EP is the manifestation of the wills of both bands to materialize a synergistic, interwoven, and multi-layered work, in which the two bands become fused together into one multi-headed hideous sonic monstrosity, to materialize and represent their own vision of complete aural annihilation. CVLT Nation is now streaming Special Needs, the opening track from Diade(ms):


Side A:
Special Needs (05:31)

Side B:
Pandemic (06:21)

Produced by Abaton and Viscera/// together, and recorded in February 2014 by Maicol Caggiano at Soundscape Studio in Forli', Italy, and Mastered by Alexander Lizzori at Elfo Studio, in Piacenza, Italy, and bearing artwork by Davide Lega and a graphic layout by Marco Burbassi, Diade(ms) will be a co-release between us, Hypershape Records (IT), Insomnia Isterica (CH), Bare Teeth Records (ITA), Drown Within Records (ITA), Unquiet Records (PL) and Dio Drone (ITA), to be released on June 23 2015 as digital format and as a limited edition 7" vinyl EP. A pre-order for the Diade(ms) 7" has been set up over at our Bandcamp


Hailing from Forli' in central Italy,  Abaton 's stark and bleak wall of sound brings to mind bands like Year of No Light, Amenra, Corrupted, Thou and Graves At Sea, but there is no way in the world to pigeonhole this quartet's own brand of pulverizing and massive hardcore-infested blackened sludge. Te band has released one full-length to date - the gruesome and hallucinating Hecate, released in 2011 - and has toured all over Italy and most of continental Europe, leaving the venues they pillaged lying in complete ruin at their every stop. Abaton has shared the stage with bands like Samothrace, Forgotten Tomb, Cult of Luna, Amenra and many others and is a band set on an obsessive quest for complete and unadulterated sonic annihilation.

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Hailing from Cremona in northern Italy, having released albums on such labels as Consouling Sounds and Soulfesh Collector, and having toured all over Europe, Viscera/// have been the subject of an incredible sonic journey. Te band's humble beginnings can be traced back to the early 2000's when the band was a flthy gore-grind trio infuenced by bands like early Carcass and Napalm Death, Repulsion and Cannibal Corpse. Ten something happened, and as the band kept playing and releasing music it was apparent that Viscera/// had undergone a frightening mutation and turned into something completely diferent and set on a track of daunting sonic metamorphosis, total psychedelic downfall and complete philosophical implosion. With their songs getting longer, more ethereal, and more layered and structured, infuences ranging from to Godfesh to Subarachnoid Space started to slither in and out of their sound colliding with their early death-grind infuences and creating something entirely new and unheard of, something vile, sufocating and crude, but also austere, magnifcent, and dominated by a deep philosophical profoundness. To this day, Viscera/// remain completely unclassifable, and while their sound, forged by striations of death metal, sludge, prog and psychedelia keeps evolving and morphing, the band remains one the most compelling enigmas in Italy's extreme underground.

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Diade(ms)  is to be considered the collision between the two darkness-fueled and angst-ridden worlds of these two bands, and the implosion of both bands' aesthetics into a single, haunting and frightening, void of aural devastation.