AMERICAN: "Coping With Loss" Out in August - Exclusive Album Stream at CVLT Nation

Get ready to be tortured. american (spelled all lowercase) have finished recording their debut album, it will be called Coping With Loss, and will be released on August 19th 2014 on digital + limited edition cassette tape. You can already pre-order the release hereCVLT Nation is now streaming the album in its entirety.

Coping With Loss is a scary album to say the least. It's extremely ruinous and death-ridden sonic and conceptual aesthetic is something that you will rarely see around these days, and it's pulverizing and annihilating splicing of black metal, noise, industrial, hardcore and grind is so sadistic and vile that it will leave a path of complete and total savagery and cruelty in it's wake. Gracing the release will be beautiful artwork crafted for the band by Kevin Gan Yuen of Viraloptic and Sutekh Hexen fame. Track listing and artwork for the digital release are as follows:

Coping With Loss

01. Ritual Suicide (04:13)
02. Decedents (03:23)
03. Retinere (02:32)
04. Lamb to Slaughter (04:24)
05. Pulse Beating Slowly (03:28)
06. Solace in the Silence (04:23)
07. Coping With Loss and the Insurmountable Guilt of Existing (17:54)


american are an enigma of sorts. Two obscure and reclusive individuals from Virgina living quite some hours drive apart who get together when they can to bust out the meanest, filthiest, evil, most vile and corrosive blackened hardcore you can think of. The band has thus far relied solely on their own means and efforts to record and release their music, and are an extremely evasive and shy entity that has completely shied away from live activity or any other kind of spotlight,  and that is why we're absolutely flattered and fucking stoked that they have opened up to us and that they are down to work with us... 

Catalog: SRUIN003
Release Date: August 19th 2014
Genre: black metal / crust / noise / industrial
Format: Cassette tape (limited edition) / Digital

Composed of seven tracks for a total running time of little over forty minutes, Coping With Loss is a frightening voyage within the bleakest depths of the most cruel sonic ruin and auditive annihilation imaginable. This album is an absolute statement in musical perversion, torture, sadism, and complete sonic savagery, an authentic sonic ordeal surging up and rupturing from depths unknown that draws inspiration from a wide array of influences, spanning from raw black metal-infused punk in the vein of Iskra, Alkerdeel and Gallhammer, to the proudest and most vile moments of raw black metal as you would find in bands like Xasthur, Leviathan, early Mayhem and Gorgoroth, all the way to the slimiest depths of experimental metal depravation found in bands like Blut Aus Nord, The Body, and Darkspace. All this maelstrom of unpredictable, lawless and shape-shifting black metal sickness is then injected by american into a frightening backdrop of putrefying noise, mauling industrial striations and an absolutely frightening neocrust/noisegrind attack. Many modern and forward thinking extreme bands come mind while witnessing the utter destruction and evil spilling out of this band’s corrosive and disembodied blend of noise, hardcore and black metal: anything from the blackened punk malevolence of bands like Black Monolith, The Secret, Young And In the Way, and Hexis to the pulverizing intensity of epic extreme metal stalwarts like Altar of Plagues, Dragged Into Sunlight, and Ash Borer all the way to experimental black metal and noise hybridizations like Wold, Gnaw their Tongues and Sutekh Hexen. american are indeed a frightening enigma, one of those musical projects that were birthed at the outskirts of everything, at the very edge of existence, within a remote wasteland of complete anti-human introversion and detachment. Nothing is basically known about the band and its internal functioning outside of the fact that it is formed by two obscure and recluse Virginia locals living quite some distance apart who get together cyclically to craft the meanest, most vile, putrid and desolate blackened pile of lurid cacophony they can materialize in their evil-corroded minds. No touring or any kind of live activity and the complete reclusiveness of the duo have further enhanced the mystery and disheartening obscurity that shrouds the band, paving the way for a listening experience of their hideous sonic craft that is absolutely daunting as it howls from depths unknown. 

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