BUIOINGOLA: Italian Darkwave/Neocrust Shadowdwellers To Release Final Mesmerizing Album "Il nuovo Mare" on March 31st - Track Streaming at CVLT Nation and Metalitalia.com.

Air burns like fire, entrails scream. Breathing is so difficult that any driving vital force is apparently overwhelmed by the temptation of letting oneself fall deep down in water, the same water that has enveloped, warmed and blinded us throughout our life. Through fears, conflicts, uncertainties and discomfort, Buioingola’s music tells of a journey that leads nowhere, but which finds its meaning in its own becoming. Driven by the core duo of guitarist and vocalist Diego, and drummer Thomas, and hailing from Pisa, Tuscany, central Italy, Buioingola (literally "darkness in my throat") are one of those bands that attempting to define or pin down is simply both impossible and futile. After having debuted in 2012 with an imposing three track demo that has redefined the quality and aesthetic of Italian neocrust, the band have steadily pushed their way to fore-front of Italian atmospheric metal thanks to their unusual creativity, stoic work ethic, and their completely unheard of and genre-defying music - a textured alloy of blackened doom, post-punk, darkwave, and crust. Drawing influence from legendary crust and post-punk bands like Amebix, Cocteau Twins, The Cure, Killing Joke, and Joy Division, and driving this amalgamation of goth and gloom into an icy and lifeless wall of industrial overtones, the Italian trio has then taken everything to next level of aural trauma, injecting their dark, withdrawn and inconsolable sounding darkwave and post-goth aesthetic into a devouring maelstrom of bleak, monolithic and crushing doom riffs.

Perhaps now reaching the end of their obscure but unparalleled existence, Buiongola present their swansong to the world in the form of a brand new monolith of obsidian black sonic affliction. Titled “Il nuovo mare” ("The New Sea"in Italian), this brand new - and perhaps final - full-length player by the now dissolved tuscan three-piece is an ulterior step the band has taken toward an unfathomable abyss, shaped once again by the band’s signature strain of agonizing, shoegazy crust and haunting post-punk, interwoven with dismal dark wave dirges, towering black/doom passages, and martial industrial tapestries. Over the span of thirty-five suffocating minutes of darkness-clad misery Buioingola show us once again their mastery in weaving together something unique and unlike anything else: a doomed sonic shrine of crestfallen dark punk-metal magnificence where the core essence of bands like Planks, His Hero Is Gone, Godflesh/Jesu, Sisters of Mercy, The Cure, Neurosis, Amebix, and Altar of Plagues sublimate into the arms of omnipotent gloom.

CVLT Nation and Metalitalia.com are now streaming the darkness-clad sonic affliction of second track "Latenza" - look out for more track streams to surface on other media outlets in the weeks leading up to release date.

“Il nuovo mare” will be released worldwide March 31 2017 digitally and on black and clear 12" vinyl in the US by Sentient Ruin, and in Europe by an alliance of local labels: Unquiet Records from Poland, and Shove Records and Sangue Dischi from Italy. Pre-orders are now up on our store and Bandcamp.

Second Release: "Dopo L'Apnea" by Buioingola.

Two years after our first release saw the te light of day in 2012 - the cassette version of Abstracter's Tomb of Feathers - we've made this imprint a serious deal and we'll start releasing stuff for our friends as well. First up is the debut album by italian gloomy and desolate crust-doom band Buioingola, from Pisa, Tuscany, titled Dopo L'Apnea. This album is a monstrous slab of icy aural malevolence, inconsolable grimness, and crushing doom. These three guys have brought Bauhaus, The Cure, Neurosis, Yob and Amebix all under the same roof and the final result is nothing short than fucking gorgeous and annihilating. The album was already self released on a limited edition digipack by the band and digitally on Bandcamp, and will be released digitally world wide and as a limited edition, home-made cassette tape by us, to start with in 100 hand numbered copies. The release date is April 1 2014.