CRUZ: Punishing Debut Album by Barcelona-Based Old School Death Metal/Crust Destroyers Out On October 7 - Tracks Streaming at Decibel Magazine and CVLT Nation.

After having released a monstrous and  unbelievably heavy debut demo in 2015, Barcelona's Cruz have since ascended to leaders of a pack in the European old-school death metal underground that currently finds no credible opposition, and their soon to be released debut album titled Culto Abysmal is here to reinforce this harrowing omen that a BEAST has been created and that its savage crusade of lawless sonic destruction won't cease until total and complete ruin has been harnessed.

What makes this band such a unique force to behold is their unshackled and lawless approach to old school death metal and primordial thrash metal, and the way they use (crust) punk as an extra weapon in their arsenal to take their damaging force to the next level, becoming an unstoppable force of nature that knows no boundaries and which obeys to nothing and nobody. Punk and metal live in this band's war-torn soul in seamless harmony, fueling each other's flames in an escalating and unstoppable firestorm of chaos ad destruction that knows no end.

Within its thick and cavernous texture and amongst the chaos of Culto Abismal's unchallenged aggression you will hear echoes of Wolfpack/Wolfbrigade, Bolt Thrower, Grave, Discharge, and early Entombed getting bottlenecked into an irreversible chain reaction of total punk-infested death metal chaos that will have only one possible epilogue: total fucking annihilation - a sonic siege from hell that will be impossible to repel. 

With Culto Abysmal Cruz's insane ruinous power and classic death metal destructiveness have already provoked widespread amazement, with CVLT Nation calling the album "A RIPPER from the bowels of hell - a fucking war zone in sonic form" (check out their feature + exclusive track stream of La Pitjor De Les Plagues HERE), and Decibel Magazine further elaborating that Culto Abysmal is a "vicious interpretation of a classically evil sound" (read their feature and stream the track Intruso HERE).

To be released on October 7  2016  by Sentient Ruin (vinyl and cassette tape for North America), To The Death Records (vinyl and tape for Europe), Neanderthal Stench (European vinyl co-release) and by Selfmade God Records (CD worldwide), Culto Abismal will be one of those releases that all fans of old school death metal, crust, d-beat, stenchcore etc. can not overlook for any reason in the universe.

Culto Abismal was recorded and mixed by Javi Félez between November 2015 and March 2016 at Moontower Studios, mastereded by Brad Boatright at AudioSiege in Portland, OR. and features incredible and classic artwork for the genre by César Valladares.

Culto Abismal

1. Mundos Disformes
2. A Cops de Destral
3. Intruso
4. Culto Abismal
5. La Caza
6. La Pitjor de les Plagues
7. Pesanta
8. Tumbas Ciclópeas