HELL: Oregon-Based Sludge-Doom Destroyers To Unleash Absurdly Crushing New Album - Track Streaming at CVLT Nation.

LOWER YOUR HEAD. It is with overwhelming excitement that we present to you the imminent release of the new, fourth, self-titled album by Salem, OR-based sludge-doom behemoths HELL. Coming initially as a limited edition cassette + digital product, this new and otherworldly colossus of absolutely implausible heaviness is set to once again shatter every record known to man of sheer musical tonnage. HELL are no mistery when it comes to unbelievably-sized riffs, rather they are a legend of extreme doom, but no one would have ever imagined that they could have outsized them selves, to create something of such hideously astonishing proportions. Simply put, this new self-titled opus of theirs will leave the listener scrambling for dear life as the shadow of this monster is cast for miles as it collapses upon them like an endless crumbling monolith. 

HELL is, and likely will forever be, the brainchild of sole mastermind M.S.W., a Salem, Oregon-based musician who's been the sole and constant driving force behind the project. M.S.W. writes, and, records every single HELL album on his own, working constantly in near complete seclusion and letting his imagination and emotions run free. What is created is a monolithic chasm of despair and dread that is boundless in its astounding enormity. With tunings so low to resemble complete collapse, speeds that  reach a state of hallucinating coma, and atmopsheres of unparalleled dread and misery, HELL's music has always been more a sort of mystical experience than mere listening one. M.S.W.'s music is one that touches emotional levels that barely seem real they are so deep, all while dwelling in an atonality, destructiveness, and immanent level of chaos and devastation that barely seem plausible they are so extreme and exaggerated.

Once again as by tradition completely written, performed, and recorded in every instrument by M.S.W. alone and in total isolation over a span of three years, this new self-titled HELL monster is the reaffirmation and consecration of one of modern doom's most harrowing, demoralizing, and imaginative prospects, and the final seal on their status of absolute legends in American underground extreme metal. Spanning seven inhumanly crushing songs, for over forty-five minutes of colossal and earth-shaking audial torture - HELL's new album is already a classic, and a tyrannically iconic masterpiece that shall forever be remembered as one of the most awe-inducing turning points in extreme doom, having raised the bar of what "heavy" is to implausible heights, and redefined the concept of musical oppression through a new realm of extremism.

Get a first incredible glimpse into the living underworld that is this monstrous record courtesy of CVLT Nation who are now streaming the skull-crushing track Wandering Soul HERE - calling HELL's new album a "hellacious" work from "a fucking evil sounding" band.

HELL's new album will drop on August 11 2017 as a digital product + limited edition cassette tape featuring unbelievable art by surreal horror artist Blial Cabal, and both versions can be now pre-ordered on our store and Bandcamp. An LP version of the album is in the works to be released sometime in the near future.