NECROT: Bay Area Death Metal Butchers' Monstrous Debut Album "Blood Offerings" To Get Tape Treatment Through Sentient Ruin - First Track Revealed.

From Earsplit PR: This June Oakland, California-based classic death dealers NECROT will unleash the fetid fruits of their Blood Offerings full-length. Set for release on June 9th, 2017 on CD, LP, and digitally via Tankcrimes and on cassette in partnership with Sentient Ruin Laboratories, the eight-tracks comprising Blood Offerings were captured by Greg Wilkinson at Earhammer (Vastum, Graves At Sea), mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege (Nails, Gatecreeper), and will come sheathed in the unholy cover craftings of Marald Van Haasteren (Bolt Thrower, Baroness).
"Blood Offerings is the result of six years of hard work and is our first full-length record to be released by Tankcrimes," relays drummer Chad Gailey. "The songwriting and performance on these eight songs is a step up from what people have heard previously. We feel that with this album, we have accomplished what we intended to create many years ago. It is always a great experience working with Greg Wilkinson at Earhammer and Scotty Heath at Tankcrimes because of the hard work and care they both put into each project they are a part of. We are thankful to everyone who has supported NECROT to get to this point."
Guitarist Sonny Reinhardt agrees, "We made the best album ever made and can't wait to hit the road and kill you all." Adds guitarist Luca Indrio, "This is a death metal classic and you should fucking have it!"

Blood Offerings

1. The Blade
2. Rather Be Dead
3. Shadow And Light
4. Blood Offerings
5. Empty Hands
6. Beneath
7. Breathing Machine
8. Layers Of Darkness

Forged in 2011, NECROT features current and past members of Acephalix, Vastum, Saviours, Watch Them Die, and Atrament. The band unleashed the audio bone-crush of their The Labyrinth full-length last year via Tankcrimes and Sentient Ruin. Spewing forth eight tracks amassed from three hard-to-find and long out-of-print demo tapes, the record reaped critical acclaim from fans and media alike compelled by the band's unrepentant Autopsy, Bolt Thrower, and Sacrilege worship. Decibel Magazine hailed NECROT's, "classic, bursting-at-the-seams, crawling-from-the-grave-still-decaying sound," while Invisible Oranges wrote,"NECROT are as old-school death metal as old-school death metal gets. Their songs would have been welcome presences on early classics by Master, Bolt Thrower, and Autopsy and yet, NECROT has a punk rock soul that refuses to die." Last Rites concurred noting, "Death by pitiless decimation is the principle mandate here."

Blood Offerings preorders for the tape we are releasing are currently available at our store and Bandcamp. The vinyl, CD and digital editions are available from Tankcrimes. Check out the first cut - Empty Hands - right here on the left.

NECROT: Debut Album by Bay Area Old School Death Metal killing Machine Out Now.

Formed by Luca Indrio on bass and vocals (Acephalix, Vastum, ex-Lawless), by Chad Galey on drums (Ex-Vastum, ex-Bruxers, Atrament, Caffa, Rude, Mortuous), and by Sonny Reinhardt on guitar (Saviours, ex-Watch Them Die), Necrot are one of the most punishing, savage and treacherous death metal acts to ever tread Californian soil. Formed in 2011 initially as a side-project of Acephalix, Necrot have since then built a devoted following in their native Bay Area and beyond, and have become known as a merciless and bloodthirsty death metal killing machine thanks to their bulldozing live sets and their savage and butchering recordings. Since inception the band has only made their music available as very short and hard to find demo tapes that are now completely sold out, impossible to find and have become something of a cult object or collector’s item, elevating the band’s reputation to that of absolute cult and DYI monument in the Bay Area underground metal scene.

Today Tankcrimes and Sentient Ruin bring you these early and long sold out demos of the band unearthed, resurrected and mutated into something more devastating and savage than ever before. Bundled up into an enhanced and comprehensive listening experience under the form of a compilation of sorts which serves as the true debut full-length album of the band, The Labyrinth comprises of remastered versions of all the band's songs recorded to date, courtesy of Dan Randall of Mammoth Mastering Studios, and is a punishment in aural form that will be hard to forget - a barbaric and bestial onslaught of riffs that never loosens its grip, stomping and crushing the listener like a bulldozer from hell, that all fans of old school death metal, crust, stenchcore and the such can not miss for any reason in the world. While Tankcrimes released this monstrous slab of rabid death metal on LP, CD and digital formats, Sentient Ruin has brought The Labyrinth to you in the form of a limited edition cassette tape featuring a monster landscape J-Card with amazing artwork by Kyle House (Acephalix) and Lukas Krieg.

Taking queues from legends like Asphyx, Bolt Thrower, Grave, Discharge, early Sepultura, early Morbid Angel, and Entombed, Necrot have thus far existed as a power trio with the build and attitude of a bloodthirsty tank. Necrot’s music is a literal onslaught of buzz-sawing death metal riffs and bone crushing rhythms - an authentic sonic bludgeoning that can batter the listener’s flesh into complete submission within seconds, and which owes much of its crude heaviness and primitive ferocity to old-school death metal just as it does to (crust) punk.

The Labyrinth tapes are now available in our store, while LPs, CDs and digital downloads can be grabbed from Tankcrimes.