PETRIFICATION: Old School Death Metal Butchers Release "Summon Horrendous Destruction" on 7" Vinyl.

We have just released the 7" vinyl version of Portland OR-based death metal butchers Petrification's debut demo Summon Horrendous Destruction. This devastating demo was first released on tape last March, with the two pressings that were done selling out in record time and these cassettes becoming an instant collector's item. The original tape pressing received widespread acclaim with many top metal publications like Decibel Magazine and Metal Injection praising the band's reckless and original approach to super destructive old school death metal. CVLT Nation has called Summon Horrendous Destruction a “glorious slab of putrefying sonic death” and a “gore-obsessed frenzy of decaying sonic rot and of punishing death metal chaos”. Petrification’s old school death metal trudge truly is a gruesome thing to behold - their music batters the flesh and smashes bone with the cruelty of an orc unleashed from hell, and their debut demo Summon Horrendous Destruction is a glorious onslaught of mummified and gross as fuck old school death metal that will delight fans of Autopsy, Nihilist, Grave, Cruciamentum, Disma etc.

Petrification was formed in 2014 by Tom Roberts aka WarVest after moving from Houston to Portland, OR following his departure from the band WarMaster. Arriving with the intention to start a new Death Metal outfit more evil and heavy than anything he had done before, he would later run into Mario Thunder at a show, whom had also moved from Texas with the plan of playing extreme and fucked up Metal. Early practices began in NE Portland and shortly after Jason, who had relocated with Mario from Dallas, joined as vocalist. Wanting to add a second guitarist, the band tried out several people and after a few failed auditions finally recruited fellow Texan David to helm the strings. One last change in the lineup would occur with the departure of bassist Tyler Wolfe, his replacement Portland native Nukes would solidify the demo-lineup. 

Petrification formed out of their love of Old School Swedish, British and particularly Finnish Death Metal, wanting to create music that while an homage to its roots, allowed its members to find their own unique voice in Extreme Metal. Drawn to the evil and doom-laden soundscapes of the Finnish Masters, Petrification set out to meticulously craft their own vision in the writing of the demo Summon Horrendous Destruction, lyrically and sonically conjuring apparitions of giant, man-eating Arachnids and other horrors that lurk on the edge of the Void awaiting their victims.

Summon Horrendous Destruction

1. Summon Horrendous Destruction
2. Stagnation of Transmigration view
3. The Headless One view
4. Desecrators of Conscious Entropy

The Summon Horrendous Destruction vinyl 7" (which comes as a standard red or limited black 7" with amazing artwork done by Petrification singer and renewed graphic artist Jason Barnett) is a corelease between SR and To The Death Records (EU), and is available for order immediately through our store and Bandcamp and already shipping worldwide.