Air burns like fire, entrails scream. Breathing is so difficult that any driving vital force is apparently overwhelmed by the temptation of letting oneself fall deep down in water, the same water that has enveloped, warmed and blinded us throughout our life. Through fears, conflicts, uncertainties and discomfort, Buioingola’s music tells of a journey that leads nowhere, but which finds its meaning in its own becoming. Driven by the core duo of guitarist and vocalist Diego, and drummer Thomas, and hailing from Pisa, Tuscany, central Italy, Buioingola (literally "darkness in my throat") are one of those bands that attempting to define or pin down is simply both impossible and futile. After having debuted in 2012 with a towering three track demo that has redefined the quality and aesthetic of Italian neocrust, the band have steadily pushed their way to fore-front of Italian atmospheric metal thanks to their unusual creativity, stoic work ethic, and their completely unheard of and genre-defying music - a textured alloy of doom, darkwave, and crust. Drawing influence from legendary crust and post-punk bands like Amebix, Cocteau Twins, The Cure, Killing Joke, and Joy Division, and driving this amalgamation of goth and gloom into an icy and lifeless wall of industrial overtones, the Italian trio has then taken everything to next level of aural trauma, injecting their dark, withdrawn and inconsolable sounding darkwave and post-goth aesthetic into a devouring maelstrom of bleak, monolithic and crushing doom riffs.

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