Feral Light are a mysterious three-piece black metal/crust enigma hailing from Minnesota who feature ex-members of Wolvhammer, Empires, Manetheren, and Finger of Scorn and who play grim and sorrowful black metal entwined with savage and unyielding crust punk. After the success of Wolvhammer's Profound Lore debut album The Obsidian Fields, guitarist Andy Schoengrund (who also handles bass duties in Feral Light) left the band and retreated into the shadows to craft dark, inconsolable and wretched punk-metal with collaborator-friends Andrew Reesen (drums), and Jeff Scheuermann (vocals/lyrics). Over the last few years the trio has been hard at work to bring into life their own vision of the sonic bleakness, filth, and misery that was once the essence of  Wolvhammer, but with a more urgent, raw, and deconstructed approach, eventually slowly but steadily molding what would become the backbone of Feral Light. With the competition of A Sound of Moving Shields - Feral Light's wretched craft has now fully come to life, materializing as a downcast howl of war-torn vocals funneled through lyrical content dealing with warfare and militarism, and shaped by the unholy bond between the savage grimness of ancient Scandinavian-styled black metal riffs, the filth and abjection of British crust punk and post-punk, and the unmistakeable punch in the guts that comes only from the rawest rock and roll.

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