NOOSE ROT: Primitive Death Metal Butchers Debut With Barbaric New Demo Tape - Track Premiered at Decibel Magazine.


There really is not much to overthink or over-elaborare about NOOSE ROT. Theirs is simply just totally fucked and putrid death metal from the most rotten crevices of the underworld. NOOSE ROT hail from Minnesota and have coalesced around a shared love of members of Gatecreeper and Wolvhammer for primitive and involved death metal in the vein of Autopsy, Pungent Stench, Coffins, Nihilist, Grave, and Repugnant - deciding to join forces to birth their own unholy death metal abomination that would worship at the altar of the Finnish and Scandinavian gods of ancestral death and decay. 

Gruesomely regressed and appallingly involved, In their wretched and bludgeoning debut EP NOOSE ROT spew forth a vomited cascade of complete aural filth that engulfs the listener in a blinding deluge of chainsawing guitars, steamrolling drums, and putridly tortured vocals. At its most delicate and refined The Creeping Unknown is nothing more than a coffin-born aural stampede of complete aural rot where caveman-death metal is taken to a sickening new extreme, conjuring similar diseased atmospheres as seen in bands like Cruciamentum, Vastum, Acephalix, Disma, and Grave Miasma.

Sentient Ruin is proud and honored to have been made a part of NOOSE ROT's first putrid breath into this world, and as such we could not be happier today to announce the release of their debut demo tape The Creeping Unknown coming out on February 16 2018, and now pre-ordeable along with digital products on our store and Bandcamp.

The Creeping Unknown

1. Mass Grave Interment
2. Worship the Crypt
3. The Creeping Unknown
4. Bound in a Dark House

For an early taste of NOOSE ROT's upcoming sonic rampage of total disgust, just head over to Decibel Magazine and check out their feature where they've unveiled the demo's title track for streaming saying that NOOSE ROT "distill death metal to its most deadly form: raw and heavy as hell".